Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Posts of Christmas-ish

I planned to do 12 posts of Christmas; however, that would take self discipline for 12 straight days and I procrastinated for the first 50% of the days.  Now I'm doing 12 posts of Christmas/New Year's.  I might blame Google for making me feel like an idiot when trying to log in to my Blogger account.  I can't remember my password but Goolgle handily reminds me that my "password was changed 8 months ago, Idiot."  It would be ok if it was followed by some positive reinforcement.  (This is the expectation public school has set for me.)  But, no.  I'm forced to recover on my own and press onward with logging in.

That's beside the point, though.  Here's the First Post of Christmas-ish:

Looking forward to decorating cookies, baking, opening presents, spending time with family, snacking and snow!  I'm headed to Starbucks tonight and have all my presents wrapped and under my tree.  Lights will be plugged in as soon as I leave the office and I'll snuggle up on my couch with my husband!  Ahhhhh, 'tis the season!!  Task one of getting prepared:  baking pies/goodies.  Tonight I'll head to the store and start baking.  The Second Post of Christmas-ish will detail the cooking adventures of the season.

Until then............keep it cheery.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Little Love!

I recognize that the last time I posted I rambled on about pregnancy and Mary, during which I somehow made it sound like I got pregnant in a confusing way..........AWKWARD and just to clear things up - I was making reference to the fact that Mary was a VIRGIN and was not referencing myself.

Like I said....awkward.

Moving on.

I feel like the only thing I can do is talk about being pregnant, which I feel may be incredibly annoying but it is truly amazing!  I can't stop dreaming about this precious little girl and how great she is going to be.  It's breath-taking to know that there were people that possibly loved me THIS MUCH before I was even born.  Planning and waiting for a sweet baby is like nothing else I have ever done before.  I love it more than eating even.  But really, on a serious note, it's even better than bacon.  HAH - truly.  It's like nothing I've experienced nothing as consuming and wonderful as this!

On the flip side....pregnancy makes a wreck of me some days/moments.  Hormones are out of control.  Sometimes my goal is merely to make it through the next two months without absolutely causing my husband to never want to talk to me again!  Being a single mom would not be fun.  Especially right at first.

I don't have many shenanigans to report on as of late.  I promise to post the story about how I had to pregnant sprint across the dewy field in blustery Oklahoma over Thanksgiving break.  But not today.  My book is calling me.  And possibly a cup of hot cocoa.

Until next time!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Running Log, Pregnant Mary and Ramblings

If you paid any attention to my running log on the right you would take note that I've logged exactly 0 miles in a loooong time.  Let's face it: pregnant running is straight up AWKWARD.  Power walking has long since taken its place.  And, even sooner since, strolling has taken power walking's place.  That and lame, I mean, AWESOME, pregnancy work out videos that include bending down to pick up things as an "exercise".  Carrying another person in your abdomen turns out to actually be more of a work out than one would anticipate.

So you COULD say that I work out all the time.  Literally.  I'm winning again, which is beside the point, because my point is actually to share that I'm planning to run another half marathon at the end of the year next year.  I have always admired moms who run, but, going through a pregnancy adds to that adoration.

Also?  (not that it didn't mean anything before) but Pregnant Mary also has a lot more meaning after being pregnant.  If Matt suggested that I ride on a donkey for 80 miles, probably without snacks, I would tell him he was crazy, had no concern for my child or emotional state, which is shaky at best, because of all the confusion involving how I got pregnant and how I no longer have friends, not only on Facebook but in real life plus I'm retaining water and I look as big as a whale.

Giving birth in a cave?  That just adds a whole separate level of craziness.  But Pregnant Mary?  She rocked it like a champ.  What a strong woman!

Anyway, I'll be running a half next November with my good friend who is due right after me in March.  Go running moms!

'til next time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bows and Such

I recently taught myself to make wreath bows.  It's really easy, especially if you watch this YouTube video first and follow the directions.  It may also cause you to speak with an accent.  I have found this actually improves the overall appearance of the bow.  Don't think too highly of yourself, though.  It could result in gazing at the one you made and hung on your door, which is OK, that is, until someone catches you doing it.  Like, say, your student worker.

If you have a bare wreath in your house you have no excuse now.  I have done everything except provide you with ribbon.  If you aren't resourceful enough to obtain that, well, I can't help you.

Cheers!  'Til next time.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Put a Bird on It: Christmas Edition

Finally, the time has come:  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Starbucks holiday cups are out, Target has Christmas decor, the holiday flags are flapping wildly on Main Street light poles.....which is how it has been since November 1, but that's neither here nor there.

I waited patiently to put up my Christmas tree, which I did, with gusto, yesterday evening.  My husband, who normally loathes the putting up of the tree, pitched in with holiday cheer.  It was either because we were delirious with the holiday spirit (not wine) or possibly because of the six hour trek home earlier that day.  OR most likely because of the bird incident.

Attic Man was falling down on the job yesterday.  Evidently, he has better things to do that keep birds from flying into the attic while the door is open to allow passage of Christmas decor from the dusty depths beneath the roof into the living room.  Also, he was still doing these better things when husband was trying to "flush out" said bird by running around Mr. Attic Man's lair in a crouched position swinging a broom and yelling.  I became involved by forming a screen with flattened boxes to force said bird down the opening after Matt "flushed" the bird from one side of the attic toward the door i.e. I was screaming and hitting the bird repeatedly as it tried in vain to fly around me into the corner to hide.  Please keep in mind that the attic does not have head space, or torso space.  Also, that I'm 7 months pregnant. (don't worry mom, I wasn't near any place I could bust through the ceiling.....)

Merry Christmas, bird.  We are about to get a bird trap for the attic.  Attic Man?  I expect you to resume my post and flush the bird into said trap.  Or you will be evicted.  You have one day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reflections of a Pregnant Woman

At no other point in my life would I be happy that someone told me I look huge.  Thanks, pregnancy.  You put things in prospective.  You are also cruel and prevent me from painting my toenails.  My eyebrows?  No, I can reach those.  You have nothing to do with those, Pregnancy.  You are, however, causing me to need a lot of Snickers.  (Fun size or just a regular bar, because those are the correct ratio, if you recall.  Snickers minis, I scoff in your face.  Unless you are the only option.  No.  Shame.)

At no other point in my life would I be smiling to myself while walking into work.  Nor would I cry merely at the sight of the color pink. (Unless it was the foul color of neon pink the guest room was painted when we moved in...).

At no other point in my life would I be so excited to meet this little girl!!

Cheers!  'til next time...

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Have a License to Eat Cookies

Why?  because I bought maternity pants.  These suckers are roomy.  I won't go back to regular clothes.  No.  Shan't.  (ok, don't worry.  I'm not taking "eating for two" literally.  But seriously.  Everyone should own these pants just for comfort.)

I have spent a lot of time looking for baby furniture and baby bedding....it's just all so sweet.  I can wait to hold this little baby and kiss his or her little nose.

PS - I didn't get overzealous here and post twice in one day....this is an old unpublished tidbit.

You're Welcome.

A Small Appliance Most Likely Killed the Cat

What did I do when I knocked my favorite glass pitcher off the top shelf in the pantry while getting the toaster over down? Well, first I stared at the huge mess of shattered glass all over my kitchen floor, started crying and then proceeded to burn the bacon. I blame pregnancy hormones. Luckily, I'm married and not trying to impress the man I live with. He was understanding enough to clean the entire thing up for me.

I have also addressed the real issue at hand: that I keep most of my small appliances in the pantry...why? you ask. Well, it's less cluttered that way. And much more tidy. And gives the illusion that I have endless amounts of counter space. Plus, I don't use the toaster oven very often. I think I just talked myself to moving it back into the pantry. I took care of the most hazardous object on that shelf just the other day. Thank you, blog, for helping solidify my beliefs about Small Kitchen Appliance Storage.

On a different note, today I'm the annoying office mate that popped pop corn and made the entire office smell like the movies. Unprofessional? Maybe.

Ask me if I care.

Until next time!!

PS - it's a good thing I spell checked...I had a type-o that could have been very awkward. Panty instead of pantry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vive La Fall

Today's plan includes but is not limited to putting out my fall decor, drinking either a soy pumpkin spice latte with no whip or a caramel apple spice from Starbucks, purchasing mums for the front yard, getting pumpkins and gourds and locating my Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle.

Check on the Fall decorations. Time to get crafty and fashion a door wreath. On a more serious note, I have been daydreaming about my future little family of four. (Yes I include my dog. I'm one of those). I'm not going to lie, I'm already planning out the Christmas card complete with my baby bump and our cute canine. It won't be unlike the last one, in that it might have to be only from the waist up because the man of the house is wearing sweatpants and a Christmas sweater.

The stories behind most Christmas pictures are as such.

Until next time!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Her steady hands work steadily, mixing the dough, making a ball, preparing to roll it out.  The simple dumpling dough made with little more than flour and water is being transformed into to separate bites of pure delight.  She pushes the rolling pin this way, that way as I memorize her finger nails, skin, her movements.  The rows of dumplings are cut in almost-straight rows and columns like an imaginary skyscraper filled with windows.  My sister and I eat the crooked pieces until we get scolded.  Sometimes we sneak and eat more.  In the dumplings go, boiling with the magnificent smelling broth.  She stirs with the same metal spatula/spoon every time.  And every time it is delicious.  The scene is a reapeat, somes she is my mother and sometimes it is my grandmother, and one day it will be me, my little daughter watching with the same anticipation my sister and I felt, the same anticipation that my dad felt as a little boy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Note to Self: Plants Die When Shut in the Freezer Door

When we first got married, I went on various cooking endeavors and tested some of the worst recipes possible, including a horrible salmon, dill and yogurt dish that not only my husband had to suffer through, but also my unlucky sister who happened to be spending the night with us. I have grown into a much better cook in the last five years; it only takes two tries to not burn the cinnamon toast instead of four, I can tell the difference between done and raw cookies most of the time and I no longer have to yank the pineapple upside down cake from the oven as it overflows like a volcano. These scenarios all happened. And more that I won't mention here...which involve peaches, burned pie crust, panic attacks and crying helplessly on the apartment balcony...

My husband loves cornbread more than anything, and they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...so I got the bright idea that I would make some delicious cornbread for my growing man and dazzle him with my cooking abilities. This happened in the first year we were married. And it was a fail of epic proportions, which involved approximately five to ten phone calls to my mom, cornbread that was burned, stuck and raw in the middle, and a huge burn on my arm.

Let's just say history repeated itself tonight...I decided that Mexican cornbread would go deliciously with the King Ranch Chicken I was making for supper tonight. That is, cornbread that is not stuck in the iron skillet and not done in the middle. Luckily we were able to piece the entire bottom layer back onto the cornbread like a huge puzzle piece. King Ranch was good, though. I have to give credit to my friend from work, who is actually and excellent cook, whose recipe I used. My corn bread of any sort just doesn't turn out like my mom's...

I, evidently, am not suzie homemaker yet. As evidenced by the cornbread incidences plus the fact that I found a large portion of my plant that goes on top of my fridge dead and frozen because it was shut in the freezer door.

I blame the "pre-seasoned" iron skillet. (if by pre-seasoned Emeril Lagasse means guaranteed to grab onto and hold firmly in place anything that touches the bottom of the skillet.)

I'm going to take it to Oklahoma and either leave it on the side of the road or make my mom try it out to see if cornbread sticks in it for her.

It will. Because I'm sure this is all part of a giant ploy to make me think that cornbread is actually SUPPOSED to be burned, stuck and raw in the middle.

I'M ON TO YOU, EMERIL. You will not win.

'til next time...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School

She stood in the front of the room, surveying all the hard work and hours put into the scene before her.  Anxiety crept into the pit of her stomach like a drop of food coloring infiltrating a cup of water.  It fought with the feeling of excitement that had been there all summer as she had spent countless hours laminating, cutting, arranging, sorting, alphabetizing, and planning for the 24 individuals about to enter her classroom.

This was it.  The chance to make a difference.  The chance to let all her hard work pay off.  The chance to make a kid smile or feel confident.  But it seemed like the carefully decorated walls were about to cave in during the last five minutes before the bell rang.  And then, it rang.  Twenty-four excited, smiling faces entered the room with anticipation of what the year would bring.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is that a peach in your pants?

Or are you just happy to see me?  Inappropriate?  Maybe.  Pregnant?  Definitely....I'm going to have a peach tomorrow...and it's not fitting in my pants that well......too bad yoga pants aren't included in the dress code at work.

Whats funny is that we honestly think the baby magically grows overnight and graduates to the next size every Tuesday night, because that's when the "What to Expect" app changes every week...According to the countdown, we are going on week 13!  Can't wait to be out of the first trimester...it's almost as scary as the terrifying woolite commercial.  I will be able to breath easier once we get there...a mere 7 days!

On a different note, I'm planning to start reading The Help this weekend.  A dear friend told me to read it over a year ago and I have been meaning to...now that I have less than a week until the movie comes out, I had better get moving.  Nothing like pure and simple procrastination....

One thing I won't be procrastinating on is picking out baby furniture.  I already have tentative selections, pending upon bedding choice, which heavily depends on what the little technician sees on September 14th!!

Destination: Baby City!  And I'm the Mayor!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Plum

I ate a lean cuisine at 10 am for a snack one day, I'm doing yoga instead of running hardcore like usual...haha...that should read more like running-ish, and I'm going to bed or falling asleep at approximately 9pm all because I have a tiny being growing and forming inside of me!!  I'm due February 14, people!  Pretty exciting.  My little baby is currently the size of a plum.  We will soon be a family of 4, if you count Snook-dog, who, by the way, was actively participating in last night's yoga session.  Picture a woman in the downward facing dog pose, with a dog lounging/rolling around under her gazing up into her loving eyes and licking at her.  For the full 45 minutes of the session.  It was awesome.

Until next time! 

Interesting tidbit...Spellcheck tries to replace Snook-dog with Snooker.  How does spellcheck know all of her nicknames?  Stop spying on us, Spellcheck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?

Snookie, my dog, the woodchuck that she is, loves to snack on mulch. I wasn't sure if it was the texture and size of the little mulch chips or if she just straight up loved eating wood. Until. A chipped corner appeared on my deck. A gnawed corner, to be exact. And most recently? Part of a fence plank: missing.

Until next time! (It's a good thing I live in a brick house.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodbye Telemundo!

Is it wrong to be so excited about getting dish that I contemplated calling in sick all day?  The day we abandoned cable marked the beginning of a few dark months....but we are back on the right track.  I'm super stoked about catching up on meaningless TV, food network and Property Virgins....more than I should be.  Also?  Morning news that is not the Daily Buzz.....Hello George Stephanopoulos!  How I have missed thee.  It's very freeing to say that Telemundo no longer comprises 25% of our channel line up.

Also, my eyes have been opened to the fact that Attic Man?  Most likely the guy that came and did my instillations today...I know it was an act when he pretended to not know where the attic door was or how to open it...creepy?  yes.  Will I make my husband do a quick check through of the attic tonight?  Yes.  and the closets, dryer, behind the curtains and inside the showers.....You can't be too safe.  We are talking about Attic Man here.

Don't pretend that you don't look behind your curtains when you feel creeped out.  And other places that people definitely couldn't fit like in drawers.  Or in the kitchen cabinets.

Safety first, people.  Safety first.

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ask About the Free Pizza

So, on my way home from work yesterday, I saw a lemonade stand on the side of the road.  Well, I say on the way home from work, but I was actually on the way home from HEB.  The new and gloriously uncrowded HEB by my house.  I never thought I'd enjoy grocery shopping....my, my how the turn tables.  (Michael Scott quote, for those of you who aren't keeping up - you're welcome.)

So, I see this lemonade stand with a very large sign:  LEMONADE and MORE!  My husband and I were being drawn in with this advertising of a 9-year-old.  Then upon second glance, we see more to the sign:  Ask about the free pizza!  Way. to. go.  This kid has already figured out life.

I'm jealous.

'til next time!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If I Ran the World, Things Would Make More Sense

Drinking leftover morning coffee at 2:15 PM to stay awake is almost as un-enjoyable as being moved into the 10 Items or Less line by an HEB worker when you clearly have >10 items in your cart.  I understand that someone is assigned the task of Line Management on the afternoon shift at HEB, but moving to that line with 20+ items causes everyone in line near you to eye your cart and give each other sideways glances while winking at the cashier, who, in turn, eyes your cart and returns the winks of those in line around you.  If I ran the world, I would classify how many items each line should have, and the Line Manager would not cross those categories.  Signs at HEB in my universe:

10 Items or Less
Greater Than or Equal to 10 Items, but Less Than 25
Greater Than or Equal to 25 Items, but Less Than 50; Did You Count Each Yogurt?
Greater Than 50

I apologize if I made "Than" no longer seem like a word.  Rest assured I feel the same way.

Now that I'm restructuring, it seems like this line system is a waste of space because I don't have the stats on these groups I chose, and one line may be overworked.  People with <10 items should not get rewarded for being unorganized and shopping for 5 things every day while the other majority of the population plans ahead and has >10 items.  On second thought:

10 Items or Less & Line Manager:  Abolished 

Until next time!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfect Timing

You know you're a real adult when your main source of happiness for the day comes from the fact that you may be getting a cavity but just in time for your dental insurance coverage to take effect.

Monday, May 2, 2011


She remembers the twisting creek and the ancient tree in the backyard that stood proud and shaded the house.

She knows the feeling of the big hammock by the lake and the easy feeling that comes with your grandmother's songs.

She was there beside you hanging over the bar in the kitchen as the smell of good good bread wafted through the house while hysterical laughter filled the air.

No one else in the world built as many forts with you from scrappy lawn furniture and baked with mud with you until your mother came announced it was time to eat.

She's the only one who can make you cry by simply putting on paper what you both know.

Only she knows like you do.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Morning so Far

This bright Thursday started with a much needed run and has, since then, turned into call fest 2011.  I fear that I put out that call me energy.  I have received 5 phone calls already this morning, even though I've been at my desk an average of only 50% of the time today.  Three of the phone calls were regarding an appointment tomorrow.........If I am putting out that call me energy, I need it to be changed from call me to call me*.  Two of the phone calls?  My husband saying "Rachel?  Can you hear me?  I can't hear you.  Our phones aren't working.  This was a test." 

The joys of working for the same organization as my partner in life.

*only between 11:00am and 12:00pm before I go to lunch

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Driving on Easter

Translation: going around construction on i35 on dirt roads in Hillsboro.

You. Are. Welcome.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Oh me? Just enjoying a free drumstick. Yep. I shop with free bee coupons at HEB. That's why I enjoy ungodly amounts of free ice cream products such as four drumsticks. Weight? No. I don't care. It's totally worth it to gain weight. I mean, the usage of coupons results in purchasing new clothes, and probably cancels out the free food, but it's totally worth it.


Until next time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Recipe for Success


1 wrecked car*
1 condo for rent
2 jobs
1 spouse, with 2 office locations
1 sense of humor
1 half marathon
About a gallon of friends and family


Mix first three ingredients. Remove the first job from the mixture, leaving only the newest job. Add the sense of humor and spouse. Mix well. Stop training for the half marathon and sprinkle the gallon of friends and family on top.

Enjoy! It's working for me!

*I'm not sure if I covered the time I drove into the back of a hybrid Tahoe in River Oaks while I was in transition moving from Houston to College Station the day before I broke my straightener and started my new job, but, don't worry. Everything has turned out ok! I'm slowly catching up in points with the cosmos. And I got a new family-friendly car out of the deal-bonus!

Until next time!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Life Without Cable TV

So, my husband and I recently had a run in with the local cable company. This little endeavor lasted about three months and involved numerous shenanigans in which neither customer service nor common decency was displayed by the employees of said local cable company. We are proving a point to this place of business and are no longer partaking in any of their services. Hah! We win!

No. No, no. I'm losing. I am no longer able to spend countless and numerous hours envisioning myself with outfits seen on Bravo, eating food with Guy Fieri, getting ideas for home decor from HGTV, or plain rotting my brain watching drama unfold on the shores of Jersey.

I have moved every piece of furniture and rehung all the pictures in the guest room and office. And, I thought I would never even hint at this, but I actually feel sorry for/identify with my mom who only grew up with two channels, one of which was snowy, both of which were presented on a black and white TV with no remote.

I'm about to read ten books and watch as much NetFlix as humanly possible. Cookies will be baked. Dishes washed, probably I'll be forced into deep house cleaning....No sock will go unmatched. No toenail will go unpainted. No closet will go unorganized. Let the war on sub-par cable providers begin.

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hatchet Man

Every neighborhood has people.  You know, the guy that always walks his dog that takes tiny steps, the mom who is only seen in her pjs, the mailman, the neighbor who is always grilling/doing yard work, the lady who always comes to your house and asks you to french braid her hair.....Well, in my neighborhood resides the guy who uses a hatchet to chop down trees in his flower bed.  Not only does he hatchet trees, he does so with FURY.  What amuses me the most is that Hatchet Man was in my flower bed, hatcheting down my dead tree; probably because Hatchet Man?  He lives in my house, and is married...to me.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skinny Tuesday

Dinner=cereal.  Not festive, at all.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Yes, I drag puppies by their heads.....

My mom so lovingly shares with me all the time that I was oppositionally defiant as a small child.  I find it amusing and funny.....well, I found it funny until yesterday.  The exact moment it stopped amusing me occurred at the beginning of the afternoon Snook-dogg walk.  Snookie decided to lay down in the grass in the front yard and wouldn't move.  So I started dragging her, which normally works - she'll jump up and start walking.  NO LUCK.  I was effectively, or rather in-effectively, dragging her around by the head while she laid on the ground; therefore, I walked away without her.  Fun game, right?  Then she came running after me.  As soon as I touched the leash, guess what?  On the ground.  Repeat twice.

Luckily I'm more stubborn than her.  But it looked rather odd to passers by, I'm sure, while I was dragging a little corgi puppy around by her head.

Until next time!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Losing.

Please explain how a person gets punished for being neat and tidy!  Ok, I will explain it.  They stack magazines in the waiting area and get paper cut between the fingers.  Oh, I'm sorry, I like to keep the waiting area looking presentable.  I'm sorry that I feel like that area is my work living room.

Thanks a lot, Cosmos.

You're a real jerk.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Winning.

I bought a pair of running shorts from Target today for one dollar and twenty five cents.  And they fit like a glove.

Until next time........

Get Crazy, Get Wild

Yesterday was day one of Half Marathon Training III.  i.e. week three.  Yes.  Wearing my "procrastinator" label with pride, I'm jumping right in at week three to finish a training plan just in time.  This, pared with haphazard planning, resulted in the accidental running of an extra half mile last night.  I hope the cosmos took note.  This equals points somewhere else, right?  Not only did I run a extra half mile, but was also on time/early to work today.  WIN!  Only time will tell if it's an actual win.  Don't worry, either the win or loss will be thoroughly documented through blogposts right here.

Since the latest addition to our family (no....not a child....but a puppy!) my schedule has become more routine.  And by routine, I mean we get up at about the same time every day, we eat on a regular basis, no wrecking of cars, purchasing of homes or moving of stuff....just ........normal things.  Finally!  And it's sooooo nice.  I feel like I'm playing house, but it's real life, apparently.

Snookie (newest addition.....she's a cute little Corgi.) has effectively learned to sit and walk on a leash.  And to run around like a crazy little dog while I sing the theme song to Jersey Shore.  It's heartwarming, really.  Almost as heartwarming as internet shopping.  Which I did a little of yesterday for my office.  I figured that working directly with undergraduates automatically licenses me to hang this on my wall:

Which is precisely what I went shopping for....

Cheers!  Until next time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

99 Problems.........But a Blogpost Ain't One

Please take note that this is the 100th blogpost on Life as Encountered by RC.  I've been encountering life and blogging for you, dear friends....and don't think it will ever end.  Nope.  Shan't.

Home ownership...........this would be one of my 99 problems.  The state of being a homeowner is bittersweet.  Far more sweet than bitter.  I shall not grow tired of trips to Lowe's, redecorating, painting (who are we kidding?  I never want to look at/smell paint again...) putting nails in the wall where ever I want to.......What I shall grow tired of is not being able to call my landlord to fix my garage door button.  I mean, I could call her, but it might be confusing.

I have major plans for the two spare bedrooms, too.  I can't help but envision my little family running around in my very own house.  Ahhhh it's sweet!

Endless training.....................................this would be one of the problems.  Need I say more?  Do you see that I'm work blogging?  Are you inferring why I'm work blogging?

I'm about to even plan a menu so as to avoid training and am looking forward to a trip to HEB....my my, how the turntables.  (HEB is a new post in itself.  There is a brand-spanking new one right by our house.  The cosmos is finally paying me back for some of the stuff it OWES me.  IT OWES ME, I tell you.

Furthermore, I'm picking out items from here and shopping online.  It sounds like its only a matter of days until I'm fired.....I know (THAT would be one of the 99 problems, to say the least).  I sound irresponsible.  But really....I'm getting everything done.  And in a timely manner. These activities I describe to you occur in between  work tasks.......

Ok, until next time.....I'll have something funny, I promise.  Maybe. 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work Blogging...Can I do this now that I manage people?

Swirling like a whirlwind full of leaves and bits of photos: this is what my mind feels like.  For the past month I went non-stop, almost like I was in auto pilot.  Now that things slow down, my mind seems to be stuck going at a rapid pace.  It's amazing how self absorbed I can get when things are going 90 mph.  In addition to the situation with my eyebrows, I let other things slide.  Well, I'm back.  I plan on getting everything all caught up in the morning; time not allotted to anything for one reason: SNOW DAY!

It basically has to look like it's going to flurry and A&M will shut campus down.  Ahhhh, the beauty of being back in Aggieland.  We got really excited about OWNING a fireplace.  (That's right.  I own things.  I answer to no one.  what.  WHAT.)  And went and purchased fireplace things.  Don't think I'll be doing anything other than enjoying the crackling fire in my living room while not going to work because of snow-ish.

And hanging pictures.

And painting.

And drinking hot coco.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everything is about to work out.....almost

Remember how I said that my eyebrows were out of control?  Well, magnifying makeup mirror in hotel room=problem solved.  More than solved, actually.  I haven't spent as much time examining my own face in my whole adult life combined as I have this week alone in this DC hotel bathroom...I will be glad when we leave just so I can stop staring at all the wrinkles I have.  Last night I got ID'd not once, but twice at the place we ate dinner.  If they could only look at me through the makeup mirror...there would be no IDing.  None at all.

I've seen some pretty excellent things since I have been here...including the First Ladies' Inaugural Ball Gown Collection, Dorothy's slippers, Abe Lincoln's top hat, the Declaration of Independence, The Wright Bro's first plane, the White House, Capitol etc, a couple go the wrong way on the DC Metro.....not us......hundred + year old buildings and residences.....It's been great.  oh...I also saw snow.

And I will see more snow.  And that, my friends, is why I'm sitting in the hotel room being nervous that I won't make it to my own home closing.......

Does the Metro have a stop in Houston?  Because I'd be willing to ride that sucker all day and all night.  However, I'd probably end up in Alaska somehow....

Until next time! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does Buying a Fridge = Real Adult?

Things get stressful when you buy a house, buy a car, trade jobs, and then also go on vacation in the middle of it all.  Just saying.

Perhaps that is part of the reason I have yet to tweeze my brow.  I feel like I need to tell people not to look too closely at my face until after February 5.  I also feel like I need to tell people not to be offended if I forget that I recently talked to them, texted them or facebooked them.  I can't even remember my own name some of the time.  Things are just flying by like crazy!  Literally.  It's quite windy this afternoon.

Until next time!  Maybe I'll have a vaca update.  And new tales of new home-ownership.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy one year, dear blog!

It's the Return of the WorkBlogger

And the return of the HEB visit re-caps.

And the return of the Parade of Jobs.

And the return of Aggieland.

2011, I welcome you!  USPS, I want to talk with you.  About how to read zipcodes.  Because overnighting something from Oklahoma City to Nebraska mistakenly, when the actual destination is College Station, baffles me.  And I just need answers.  I JUST NEED ANSWERS!

Until next time!  Honestly, I don't know how long it will be until next time, mainly because so many things are returning.  Like me.  To College Station.  More on that later....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


An important lesson I learned while killing time at Starbucks to avoid being present while a mystery realtor showed my apartment:

The barista will laugh at you if you order a "bacon egg and cheese cha-BAHT-uh thing."

I'm the opposite of cultured.

Don't even ask what happens when I try to order a gyro. Pain, I tell you.

I leave you with only the Starbucks lesson, until next time!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Couple Stops at Dairy Queen

Husband: I guess we should stop at some point on this trip if we must...

Wife: I found two $5 gift cards from last year's stocking stuffers to DQ! We can eat for free!

Husband: Stopping at DQ is a risk on a road trip...but I have another gift card in my pocket. Let's do it! (It seems as though one of us stole someone else's stocking)

Wife: Exit now! I see one!

Husband: (exclaims as pulling into the parking lot) There's a bus unloading!!

Wife: (While trying to avoid flying through the windshield as the husband slams on the brakes) What do you want?!! I'm going to beat all of them!

Husband: (Shouting as the car is still rolling and the wife is jumping out of the car) Hamburger!!

Wife: Give me your other card!!

Husband: Just go!! Go!

Wife beats approximately 15 athletes in line and dinner is served in 2 minutes flat, for a mere dollar and change.

If that isn't a happy ending to a Merry Christmas, I don't know what is.