Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Crazy, Get Wild

Yesterday was day one of Half Marathon Training III.  i.e. week three.  Yes.  Wearing my "procrastinator" label with pride, I'm jumping right in at week three to finish a training plan just in time.  This, pared with haphazard planning, resulted in the accidental running of an extra half mile last night.  I hope the cosmos took note.  This equals points somewhere else, right?  Not only did I run a extra half mile, but was also on time/early to work today.  WIN!  Only time will tell if it's an actual win.  Don't worry, either the win or loss will be thoroughly documented through blogposts right here.

Since the latest addition to our family (no....not a child....but a puppy!) my schedule has become more routine.  And by routine, I mean we get up at about the same time every day, we eat on a regular basis, no wrecking of cars, purchasing of homes or moving of stuff....just ........normal things.  Finally!  And it's sooooo nice.  I feel like I'm playing house, but it's real life, apparently.

Snookie (newest addition.....she's a cute little Corgi.) has effectively learned to sit and walk on a leash.  And to run around like a crazy little dog while I sing the theme song to Jersey Shore.  It's heartwarming, really.  Almost as heartwarming as internet shopping.  Which I did a little of yesterday for my office.  I figured that working directly with undergraduates automatically licenses me to hang this on my wall:

Which is precisely what I went shopping for....

Cheers!  Until next time!

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