Tuesday, February 8, 2011

99 Problems.........But a Blogpost Ain't One

Please take note that this is the 100th blogpost on Life as Encountered by RC.  I've been encountering life and blogging for you, dear friends....and don't think it will ever end.  Nope.  Shan't.

Home ownership...........this would be one of my 99 problems.  The state of being a homeowner is bittersweet.  Far more sweet than bitter.  I shall not grow tired of trips to Lowe's, redecorating, painting (who are we kidding?  I never want to look at/smell paint again...) putting nails in the wall where ever I want to.......What I shall grow tired of is not being able to call my landlord to fix my garage door button.  I mean, I could call her, but it might be confusing.

I have major plans for the two spare bedrooms, too.  I can't help but envision my little family running around in my very own house.  Ahhhh it's sweet!

Endless training.....................................this would be one of the problems.  Need I say more?  Do you see that I'm work blogging?  Are you inferring why I'm work blogging?

I'm about to even plan a menu so as to avoid training and am looking forward to a trip to HEB....my my, how the turntables.  (HEB is a new post in itself.  There is a brand-spanking new one right by our house.  The cosmos is finally paying me back for some of the stuff it OWES me.  IT OWES ME, I tell you.

Furthermore, I'm picking out items from here and shopping online.  It sounds like its only a matter of days until I'm fired.....I know (THAT would be one of the 99 problems, to say the least).  I sound irresponsible.  But really....I'm getting everything done.  And in a timely manner. These activities I describe to you occur in between  work tasks.......

Ok, until next time.....I'll have something funny, I promise.  Maybe. 


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