Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Morning so Far

This bright Thursday started with a much needed run and has, since then, turned into call fest 2011.  I fear that I put out that call me energy.  I have received 5 phone calls already this morning, even though I've been at my desk an average of only 50% of the time today.  Three of the phone calls were regarding an appointment tomorrow.........If I am putting out that call me energy, I need it to be changed from call me to call me*.  Two of the phone calls?  My husband saying "Rachel?  Can you hear me?  I can't hear you.  Our phones aren't working.  This was a test." 

The joys of working for the same organization as my partner in life.

*only between 11:00am and 12:00pm before I go to lunch

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Driving on Easter

Translation: going around construction on i35 on dirt roads in Hillsboro.

You. Are. Welcome.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Oh me? Just enjoying a free drumstick. Yep. I shop with free bee coupons at HEB. That's why I enjoy ungodly amounts of free ice cream products such as four drumsticks. Weight? No. I don't care. It's totally worth it to gain weight. I mean, the usage of coupons results in purchasing new clothes, and probably cancels out the free food, but it's totally worth it.


Until next time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Recipe for Success


1 wrecked car*
1 condo for rent
2 jobs
1 spouse, with 2 office locations
1 sense of humor
1 half marathon
About a gallon of friends and family


Mix first three ingredients. Remove the first job from the mixture, leaving only the newest job. Add the sense of humor and spouse. Mix well. Stop training for the half marathon and sprinkle the gallon of friends and family on top.

Enjoy! It's working for me!

*I'm not sure if I covered the time I drove into the back of a hybrid Tahoe in River Oaks while I was in transition moving from Houston to College Station the day before I broke my straightener and started my new job, but, don't worry. Everything has turned out ok! I'm slowly catching up in points with the cosmos. And I got a new family-friendly car out of the deal-bonus!

Until next time!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Life Without Cable TV

So, my husband and I recently had a run in with the local cable company. This little endeavor lasted about three months and involved numerous shenanigans in which neither customer service nor common decency was displayed by the employees of said local cable company. We are proving a point to this place of business and are no longer partaking in any of their services. Hah! We win!

No. No, no. I'm losing. I am no longer able to spend countless and numerous hours envisioning myself with outfits seen on Bravo, eating food with Guy Fieri, getting ideas for home decor from HGTV, or plain rotting my brain watching drama unfold on the shores of Jersey.

I have moved every piece of furniture and rehung all the pictures in the guest room and office. And, I thought I would never even hint at this, but I actually feel sorry for/identify with my mom who only grew up with two channels, one of which was snowy, both of which were presented on a black and white TV with no remote.

I'm about to read ten books and watch as much NetFlix as humanly possible. Cookies will be baked. Dishes washed, probably I'll be forced into deep house cleaning....No sock will go unmatched. No toenail will go unpainted. No closet will go unorganized. Let the war on sub-par cable providers begin.

Until next time!