Monday, April 18, 2011

Recipe for Success


1 wrecked car*
1 condo for rent
2 jobs
1 spouse, with 2 office locations
1 sense of humor
1 half marathon
About a gallon of friends and family


Mix first three ingredients. Remove the first job from the mixture, leaving only the newest job. Add the sense of humor and spouse. Mix well. Stop training for the half marathon and sprinkle the gallon of friends and family on top.

Enjoy! It's working for me!

*I'm not sure if I covered the time I drove into the back of a hybrid Tahoe in River Oaks while I was in transition moving from Houston to College Station the day before I broke my straightener and started my new job, but, don't worry. Everything has turned out ok! I'm slowly catching up in points with the cosmos. And I got a new family-friendly car out of the deal-bonus!

Until next time!

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