Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please Don't Ever Meet Bill

Netflix is a fabulous idea. Cheap and easy, also fun. It's perfect for people who live to get mail. (that was a typo. But it works. I both live and love to get mail! Also, it's intriguing that those words are somewhat interchangeable...) Not only is it exciting to open your mailbox and find a piece of mail waiting, but THIS piece of mail keeps you entertained for two hours. The genius who thought of mailing DVDs should be rewarded, probably with chocolate cake. (We should combine these ideas, the mailing and the chocolate cake, and make our own small fortune. Not only can you get your every movie need via mail, but also baked goods!! This is part of my utopia. Nothing could be more perfect!)

Well, I use the wonder that is Netflix (they should pay me for advertising) on a regular basis. What's funny about it, though, is the ease at which I can find movies to rent. Not only good ones, but really bad ones as well. Take last night for example. We endured two hours of the movie Meet Bill, a movie with the message that if you are unhappy with your life, all you need to do is lose weight, dye your hair, make your spouse jealous, quit your job, and smoke some pot and voilĂ ! You have redeemed yourself and your life. (So many people think the key to happiness has to do with self, which is somewhat true, but a major part of "happiness" has to to with others and is completely relational, yes?) Why, you ask, did I EVER think a movie with Aaron Eckhart co-starring Jessica Alba would be a worthwhile flick.....I have no good answer for you. Lapse in judgement? Temporary blindness? Mis-click of the mouse?

Well, consider this your warning against said movie. Also, consider this your encouragement to get Netflix. Also? Eat chocolate cake. I'm now taking orders. Leave your address.

Until next time!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Saves the Day

Current status is cozied with book and chocolate milk. Good day to you. I may not move from this location until I've read it all. Done.

Until next time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

War: Revised

This is the post I wrote earlier today:

"This is the war on unemployment, the war on fat and the war on out-of-shapeness. Things are about to get serious. Free is an even bigger oxymoron today than it was yesterday."

But then I saved it rather than posting it because I'm pretty sure I can be classified as a cop-out because the very next post would most likely be about this so-called war actually starting tomorrow. So when I realized this I felt sorry for myself, because I'm lazy? The reason can't be pinpointed. So then I sulked and luckily read some good blog-work, mainly on a blog about women who post under the topic "I am Enough."

Here's the deal. Society can rule our thoughts and feelings of self worth. Society: You must be thin, you must get a 4 year degree, you must dress like you care, you must get a job and have a 5 year plan, you must have kids by a certain age, you must read The Gold Coast....wait. That last one was me, not society. You must eat again.

But seriously, I feel that if I'm not using my 4 year degree and using it at a job, that I actually have, I am ultimately a failure. But it hit me just now that this may not be true. What I need to figure out is my purpose, whether or not it has to do with a job, and do that. God put me here for a specific reason, maybe just to touch others lives with encouragement (sarcastic encouragement...that's an oxymoron?), maybe just to blog or eat southwest cheese enchiladas at Chuy's, maybe to be a mom. Whatever he had in mind....I am enough. And I need to believe it with every fiber of my being.

Cheers, to everything being made of peanut butter, and me being enough.

Until next time...

PS-This depressing/enlightening attitude might be due to the fact that I keep hearing the song Mad World over and over. It's stuck in my head. It's taking over my life. I literally hear it EVERY time I get in the car....or that God is trying to make a point. Probably the second one.

Other PS-I'm listening to the original Tears for Fears version circa 1982 and cracking up. Partially because Matt's dancing to it. Partially because it makes me feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

Yet Another PS-I am recalling some very good advice that a very wise woman gave me once. She told me that half our problems resulted from focusing on ourselves. She told me that I could start solving things by focusing on others, and not on myself; that I needed to find a way to help others. Maybe I should take this advice again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free is an Oxymoron

Free time is awesome! So great that I love it almost as much as my cargo pants. I'm free to do whatever I want. Not having a job is the best thing that's ever happened. Right??

I'll let you be the judge. So far today I:

Googled "how to make money on a blog"

Read a book

Learned more about staging

Ate a cupcake

Considered writing a blog about silence being deafening, drew the shades and lit some candles...just kidding. About the shades and candles anyway...

At least I overcame the feeling of obligation I have to my floors as far as sweeping goes. They are now free to relish the time they have with dust, junk and yesterday's dinner.

Free is clearly an oxymoron and sarcasm is obviously one of my strengths, which I'll update on my resume, pronto.

Until next time, when I'll have a may not be hearing from me for a while. I have a lot to add to my resume.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun-ish in the Sun

So, I went to lay out, and did so for approximately 8 minutes, then returned indoors where is is blissfully cool. Now I'm cozied up with my book. Well, i say "my" book...I purchased the new Nelson Demille book for my dad for father's day but seem to already have borrowed it.

What a nice, speed-reading dad!

I'm off to enjoy being a non-working person. Sounds much nicer than being an unemployed person, right?

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As you see from yesterday's post, I have so much to learn about using an iPhone...clearly it's a good thing that I have endless amounts of time to both work on being a good person and snack, watch daytime television, and read. I should allocate some time to learning to adequately use my phone.

Yesterday, after two trips to Target and a pair of broken sunglasses later, I had exactly what I had started out with: no frame to fit the panoramic picture that I bought Matt for his birthday. You can only guess what I did to remedy the problem by taking a gander at yesterday's post.

I have a lot on my agenda today, as I'm currently reading four books and need to watch last night's Bachelorette. I've already been exceedingly productive today as I've:

Done my bible study
Eaten breakfast
Caught up on my blog reading
Washed clothes
Purchased an awesome app for finding the best deals on items by scanning the barcode
AND learned to blog on my phone

How will I ever have another day so productive?? This has all been done before 10!!

It's probably because I didn't waste time making my bed. Don't tell my mother.

Until next time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Call Me Char*

Happy Sunday.

Karma might owe me because I was keeping score today:

I went to church. One point. I skimmed the junk off the community pool. One point. I baked an apple pie for husband. One point. I didn't work out. Probably a point for mental health. But I'll omit that one. I noticed the amount of points I was earning. Minus a point. I read things online and laughed out loud. This doesn't have an effect on the points, but it's a mildly amusing detail I included for your enjoyment. I want to eat the first piece of pie I baked for husband. Minus a point. Finally, I blogged. One point. Maybe? I'm either one or two points ahead. I would like to cash in these points and apply them to the discovery of a job. Thanks!

I got an iPhone and have spent a LOT of hours playing words with friends. This coincides nicely with the fact that I'm unemployed. I've also been building ideas for the non-existent book I'm going to write. Did I mention that I'm unemployed? I say the book is non-existent, but it might become existent because my sister is going to write it. I'm informed that we are going to be the Bronte sisters, modernized. Seeing as I have no knowledge of classics or writers thereof, I believe it will be like the Bronte sisters, Katie being the writer, me being the other one, not quite on spot, thinking that Heathcliff is the subject of a comic strip. Or hoping that it's candy. Probably the second. I may have just lost all my points mentioned in the previous paragraph. *(Since we're going with the Bronte Sisters, modernized, you should probably call me Cher and not Char, short for Charlotte, now Cherlette in the modern version.)

I gained a point back because I spent so much time blogging that Matt finished his supper and now we are going to eat pie simultaneously. Also? We're going to watch There Will Be Blood. I get two points for enduring that.

I win. Maybe. We'll see how many interviews I don't get this week.

Reminder: Everything is made of peanut butter.

Until next time!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Awesome: Confirmed

I just made curtains. No, not with a sewing machine. No, I didn't buy any fabric. Yes, yes I made curtains out of a sheet and safety pins. What now?! What!!