Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please Don't Ever Meet Bill

Netflix is a fabulous idea. Cheap and easy, also fun. It's perfect for people who live to get mail. (that was a typo. But it works. I both live and love to get mail! Also, it's intriguing that those words are somewhat interchangeable...) Not only is it exciting to open your mailbox and find a piece of mail waiting, but THIS piece of mail keeps you entertained for two hours. The genius who thought of mailing DVDs should be rewarded, probably with chocolate cake. (We should combine these ideas, the mailing and the chocolate cake, and make our own small fortune. Not only can you get your every movie need via mail, but also baked goods!! This is part of my utopia. Nothing could be more perfect!)

Well, I use the wonder that is Netflix (they should pay me for advertising) on a regular basis. What's funny about it, though, is the ease at which I can find movies to rent. Not only good ones, but really bad ones as well. Take last night for example. We endured two hours of the movie Meet Bill, a movie with the message that if you are unhappy with your life, all you need to do is lose weight, dye your hair, make your spouse jealous, quit your job, and smoke some pot and voilĂ ! You have redeemed yourself and your life. (So many people think the key to happiness has to do with self, which is somewhat true, but a major part of "happiness" has to to with others and is completely relational, yes?) Why, you ask, did I EVER think a movie with Aaron Eckhart co-starring Jessica Alba would be a worthwhile flick.....I have no good answer for you. Lapse in judgement? Temporary blindness? Mis-click of the mouse?

Well, consider this your warning against said movie. Also, consider this your encouragement to get Netflix. Also? Eat chocolate cake. I'm now taking orders. Leave your address.

Until next time!

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