Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Call Me Char*

Happy Sunday.

Karma might owe me because I was keeping score today:

I went to church. One point. I skimmed the junk off the community pool. One point. I baked an apple pie for husband. One point. I didn't work out. Probably a point for mental health. But I'll omit that one. I noticed the amount of points I was earning. Minus a point. I read things online and laughed out loud. This doesn't have an effect on the points, but it's a mildly amusing detail I included for your enjoyment. I want to eat the first piece of pie I baked for husband. Minus a point. Finally, I blogged. One point. Maybe? I'm either one or two points ahead. I would like to cash in these points and apply them to the discovery of a job. Thanks!

I got an iPhone and have spent a LOT of hours playing words with friends. This coincides nicely with the fact that I'm unemployed. I've also been building ideas for the non-existent book I'm going to write. Did I mention that I'm unemployed? I say the book is non-existent, but it might become existent because my sister is going to write it. I'm informed that we are going to be the Bronte sisters, modernized. Seeing as I have no knowledge of classics or writers thereof, I believe it will be like the Bronte sisters, Katie being the writer, me being the other one, not quite on spot, thinking that Heathcliff is the subject of a comic strip. Or hoping that it's candy. Probably the second. I may have just lost all my points mentioned in the previous paragraph. *(Since we're going with the Bronte Sisters, modernized, you should probably call me Cher and not Char, short for Charlotte, now Cherlette in the modern version.)

I gained a point back because I spent so much time blogging that Matt finished his supper and now we are going to eat pie simultaneously. Also? We're going to watch There Will Be Blood. I get two points for enduring that.

I win. Maybe. We'll see how many interviews I don't get this week.

Reminder: Everything is made of peanut butter.

Until next time!!

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