Wednesday, December 3, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Well, not to be redundant on intro BUT it's been such a long time since writing that I forgot how to log in to this thing.  Maybe that was because of my lack of patience which I seem to have used up during the 45 minute ordeal in which I tried to reason with my toddler regarding acceptable Christmas Tree Ornament Etiquette.  "Is this a thing?" you ask.  Well - lots of non-things become things when trying to reason with a two year old.  (oxy-moron).

Old book ideas - abandoned; New book idea for toddlers:  Acceptable Christmas Tree Ornament Etiquette for Toddlers.  Fully illustrated with diagrams for easy understanding!  Special section on "Why It Seems Ok to Ignore Your Mommys' Instructions Because You Are Wailing On The Couch."  (true part of my story...I left the room I wouldn't begin my own fit of rage and heard crying from the living room ongoing for 20 minutes.  At the conclusion of said 20 minutes I had collected myself (because I'm the adult here, right?!) and calmly and serenely indicated that it was now time to fix hair.  My daughters defeated and sniffly response was "no,  I'm still crying on the couch.")

Other sections:

1) Basic Tree Rules: Only Look With Eyes
2) Throwing Ornaments Is Not Kind
3) Climbing Is Never OK (But laying on the tree skirt under the tree may be)

It would be a best seller, amiright.  The only prerequisite knowledge required of the toddler market is how to read.  Shockingly enough, when typing "teach your toddler to....." into the google bar, one of the first things that pops up is "read."

Good.  We're all ready for this.

I actually felt happy to be going to Wal-Mart after these exciting events...all my SAHMs, can I get an amen?  At least to make me feel better?  I'm trying to get a feel for the market of my new book here...

(Oh my, yes things get a little dramatic around here but that is to be expected out of such an expressive and otherwise delightful 2.5 year old.  Kids keep things interesting and certainly never boring.)

And I hope everyone relating to this is now enjoying a peaceful moment this afternoon, as I am.  Mint green tea and kindle in hand I wish you Happy Naptime.  Cheers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

And Then I Tried to Make My Toddler Eat Baked Beans

It's been a while!  Various celebrations have transpired since I posted on here.  I promise to be more diligent; I don't know where the time has gone.  I started making and selling wreaths to friends, family and on Etsy, but that's not really a great excuse....Nor is my laundry in "completed" status...please, I beg of you, don't inspect my kitchen sink.  I'm going to go with "I've been on a hiatus to foster creative thought."


Mother's and Father's Day have come and gone.  The Annual Parade of Birthdays is complete, almost.  Today was my anniversary of 8 years.  All of these holidays and milestones just keep coming and my years keep growing.  I have heard old people say all my life that it goes all too fast.  Well, I must be old, because it's going all too fast!!!  I want to save the image of my little girl playing in the dirt with her cousins, wearing her watermelon dress on Father's Day in my mind forever.  I want to remember the thoughtful gifts and gestures my friends and family gave me and did for me on my birthday (mostly I still remember the food related gestures.  I can't help it.  Priorities.)  I need to hold in my heart the pleased looks when we all spent time with each family member on their own special day.  I want to remember the delight of my little girl when she told everyone "Happy Birthday!"  Even though it may have been a few days past and maybe not the right person...

But one thing I don't want to remember:  The battle of wills that come with parenting a toddler.  My little one is two and is fairly well behaved, nice and sweet and wonderful 99% of the time and I really can't complain.

But then.

Then I tried to make her eat baked beans on my mom's birthday.  You would have thought I tried to make her eat a dead, rotting frog out of the yard.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday, Mom" like 45 minutes of howling and hysterical crying, except maybe 45 minutes of continuous whimpering with intermittent flinging of oneself onto the ground after that.

And they were really good baked beans!  She should be so lucky!  Two is too young for the "some kids in other places don't have any food to eat and would be so happy to have these very beans."  I know, because I've tried that angle.  I got a blank stare in return.  Not only did I waste copious amounts of energy trying to force the eating of the beans, but somehow my little two year old tricked me into saying things I swore I would never ever say.  TRICKED!

Fine, I'LL eat your beans.  But I will force feed a bite into your mouth, first.  (parents, this method didn't really work out for me...)

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Coffee Conundrum, Tuesday Morning and Other SAHM Quandaries

I recently brunched in honor of a friend's birthday. We went to a fun place in OKC and had deliciously strong coffee and some really tasty food. The coffee was piping hot. But then, I kept getting good service....a little too good. The waiter kept filling my cup so it mixed with my old coffee, resulting in an increasingly colder brew with each pour. Because of his fantastic serving abilities, I ended up with a big cup of lukewarm coffee. I thought about pouring it out before each refill, but that may have caused a scene. Next time I think I'll fling my hand over my cup in dramatic fashion to prevent additional coffee until it's fully empty. But what if I end up not getting a timely refill...I've pondered this for weeks and concluded that tepid coffee is better than no coffee, amiright....

Ok, you guys...I just deactivated and re activated my Facebook account in the last 5 minutes. I can't go through with it. Anyone else feel that it's mere presence is thwarting the growth of real life relationships? Anyone else feel anxiety when they can't log on and see if they missed anything?? I'm too damn nosy to delete the thing. I just need a creeper account. (That and one cup of piping hot coffee, followed by a brand new cup with new piping hot coffee. Did we just solve the coffee conundrum? I think we did. BOOM.)

Speaking of nosy, I know some of you are, and I'll just go ahead and tell you we ate brunch at Kitchen 324. It was super delish and I will be going back. I tried the strata, which was really good and I want to try the fried green tomato Benedict. It was difficult to wrap my head around eggs Benedict but with a fried green tomato...which seems to be everyone's fave. Eggs Benedict is a solid dish that I feel you shouldn't mess with so I'm skeptical, yet willing to taste test.  BUT the main reason I must return is to try the pastries. I'm a sucker for those. I seriously can't make it out of Panera, or Wal-Mart for that matter, without adding a scone or pastry. The next time you go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, buy a Heavenly Cheese Danish in the bakery area. That's what it's called, not what I named it, and I can't look directly at it without buying one. Disclaimer: not a health food...

I wish I had a pastry.

And coffee.

But instead, I have a half written post and a bed calling my name.  Actually, that's my toddler. Guess we will make this a To Be on the edge of your seat for info on Tuesday Morning and SAHM Quandaries. (Definition of quandary-state of thinking after writing the word quandary)

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Mother Running Fun

I am on the fence about possibly running the Memorial Half Marathon in OKC.  I need to get this nailed down because I don't want to begin running 7+ milers on the weekend for no reason.  I'm sure it would be in the best interest of health, but I find "in the best interest of health" non-motivating.  When I first started running back in 2009, the only reason I would go is because I made a deal with myself that every 20 miles logged I would go get a drink at Starbucks.  If I didn't hit the 20 miles, no coffee for me.  I kept a log on the fridge and that was pretty effective.

I can't really do that now because I can make my own lattes with my Nespresso machine at my house, which may be the best Christmas gift in the history of my life.  They are not paying me to say that (maybe they should) nor are they giving me any complimentary Nespresso capsules (I know they should do at least that) which would be nice because I'm already close to out of the 200 or so we purchased at Christmas...hmmm.  That's a latte drinks.  (Please forgive me for that...)

I'm sure the amount you care about how much I do or don't want to run some half marathon and the amount I'm in love with my espresso machine is little to none so I will also provide you with the top five reasons Can't Hold Us by Macklemore is my primary running jam at the moment.

Top 5 Reasons Can't Hold Us by Macklemore is My Primary Running Jam at the Moment
1.  Cowbells
2.  Clapping
3.  Mackelmore!  Love. Him.
4.  There is some serious low brass going on.  I picture someone running after me blaring at me with a trombone.
5.  The lyrics...This could be a really long reason but I'll shorten it to say that most of it just gets me really pumped up especially because when I run I'm like a great white shark on shark week....
6.  There is a personal shout out to me at the 3:38 minute mark.  He distinctly says "That's Rachel right here".  Listen closely.  You'll agree.

I can count to 5 but I threw an extra one in there just for YOU!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Wait for it....

I usually don't write about anything too serious on this blog, and I try to avoid social/political/religious issues because, as you can see from past blog posts, I just keep it light, non-serious and attempt to keep it humorous.  HOWEVER...I have been reading on a (somewhat) daily basis and the task assigned to me and everyone else included reading and reflecting on Psalm 130.  So that is what I am about to do.

The book of Psalms started as one of my favorite books of the bible because it is poetry, mostly written by King David.  I did that thing in high school where I deemed myself as artistic and wrote poetry and channeled my dark and twisty self by writing artistically.  I still have my composition notebook that holds a somewhat humorous but not intended to be humorous collection of poetry about love, life and how much I ended up hating that one boy I briefly dated.  If I was brave, I would post a sample just for your amusement.  I'm not that brave so you will just have to trust me when I say it is pretty ridiculous....this point being I loved reading Psalms during that time in my life based solely on the fact that it is poetry.  (and also I was always trying to pinpoint the psalms in which David had that thing going on with Bathsheba.  oooo I needed the drama!)

I still really enjoy the book of Psalms because of the simple truths that can be found there.  Most of these were written by King David, like I already mentioned, but reading my bible notes it says Psalm 130 may have been written by Hezekiah, but its officially by anonymous.  (I should make sure my little book of poetry is officially by anonymous...)  In Psalm 130 our psalmist eloquently says a few things about forgiveness and waiting:

1 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord;
2 O Lord, hear my voice.
Let your ears be attentive
to my cry for mercy.

3 If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins,
O Lord, who could stand?
4 But with you there is forgiveness;
therefore you are feared.

5 I wait for the Lord, my soul waits.
and in his word I put my hope.
6 My soul waits for the Lord
more than watchmen wait for the morning,
more than watchmen wait for the morning.

Verse 3 and 4 are legit.  Thankfully, God is better at forgiveness than I am.  As I get older, I see that everything carries weight in life.  When someone wrongs me, depending on the severity of the wrong, I can usually, eventually muster up forgiveness and all is good.  When someone wrongs those I love...well, I find it less easy to forgive.  It's can be easy for me to tally up wrong doings of the party doing the wrong.  I can create a pretty detailed list.  A record, if you will.....The good, wonderful and amazing news is that The Lord has no record of sin, only a sea of forgiveness.  I know that to be more Christ-like I need to strive more toward the sea of forgiveness thing...It warms my heart to know that of all the things I fail at and need forgiveness for, God has no record!  He only has an abundant store of forgiveness and love waiting to lavish on us.  How freeing!

My favorite part of this passage happens in the next two verses.  I can feel the waiting in this verse.  On the forgiveness scale I think I could muster up about an 8 but on the scale of waiting I'm about a 3.  Waiting is not my forte.  If you want me to ruin my, and probably your, afternoon put me on hold for 30 minutes with customer service and then send me back into the touch tone portion of the call...Whoever started the "put your number in for a call back" option deserves a medal!!!  Learning to wait is one of the tougher lessons I have learned/am still learning.  I fully believe that the things we work hardest at completing and accomplishing end up meaning the most to us.  The Lord teaches us different things through all kinds of circumstances, good and bad.  Often, I learn the most through periods of waiting.  I want my very being, the depths of my soul to wait.  To patiently wait and listen.  I think of it as soul conditioning.  (Those circumstances I was talking about are kind of like those conditioning tests we took in Elementary PE.....but for our spiritual life, to break it down in a very cheesy comparison!)  These two verses challenge me to wait. To be still, patient and quiet.  To listen and wait for Him as he gently leads my soul.

And those are my thoughts on Psalms 130.

Until next time!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Enjoying the Christmas Hangover

I just need to take a moment and apologize for not spelling ad correctly a few posts ago. The bad thing about having a blog is that everything you publish stays.

Christmas this year equated none I've experienced so far. Having a child of my own brought such joy and simplicity to the season. It was her second Christmas but she was more aware this year and has developed enough to show excitement and anticipation for Christmas day. I wont forget the sweet little voice chanting from the backseat of my car, "Santa! Presents!" Or the nightly request to read the story about Jesus's birth.

I tucked into my heart the night my little family drove through the Yukon lights and that sweet baby said over and over, "lights! Fun." I'll remember forever the excitement on her face with each lighting of the tree. I am so thankful we live near our families this year and for many to come!

I'm not ready for the holidays to be over. Not. At. All.

So I'm leaving my tree up all year. Just kidding. I took that thing down two days after Christmas so I could breathe again (scrooge). I am not quite ready to delete any yet to be seen Hallmark and/or Lifetime Christmas movies from my DVR. So, until May or so you can come here for Christmas TV movie reviews.

Until then, cheers.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recipe for Disaster

This would be the name of my cooking show; pun intended.

Am I the only one that has a fake cooking show while baking?  I bet real hosts of cooking shows don't need a change of clothes halfway through the episode nor do they use approximately 10 different measuring cups when only 3 are needed if simple fraction addition is applied correctly.  BUT You know what else they don't have?  Mad spatching skillz (skills using the spatula).

These qualities should make marketing my show THAT much more easy.  Who wouldn't want to watch such whimsy?  It would make every housewife in America feel good about themselves.  Cooking with realism.  It's powerful.

In other news....

Starbucks drink=demolished.
First Christmas present of the season=purchased.
Kitchen sink=clean.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.