Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Mother Running Fun

I am on the fence about possibly running the Memorial Half Marathon in OKC.  I need to get this nailed down because I don't want to begin running 7+ milers on the weekend for no reason.  I'm sure it would be in the best interest of health, but I find "in the best interest of health" non-motivating.  When I first started running back in 2009, the only reason I would go is because I made a deal with myself that every 20 miles logged I would go get a drink at Starbucks.  If I didn't hit the 20 miles, no coffee for me.  I kept a log on the fridge and that was pretty effective.

I can't really do that now because I can make my own lattes with my Nespresso machine at my house, which may be the best Christmas gift in the history of my life.  They are not paying me to say that (maybe they should) nor are they giving me any complimentary Nespresso capsules (I know they should do at least that) which would be nice because I'm already close to out of the 200 or so we purchased at Christmas...hmmm.  That's a latte drinks.  (Please forgive me for that...)

I'm sure the amount you care about how much I do or don't want to run some half marathon and the amount I'm in love with my espresso machine is little to none so I will also provide you with the top five reasons Can't Hold Us by Macklemore is my primary running jam at the moment.

Top 5 Reasons Can't Hold Us by Macklemore is My Primary Running Jam at the Moment
1.  Cowbells
2.  Clapping
3.  Mackelmore!  Love. Him.
4.  There is some serious low brass going on.  I picture someone running after me blaring at me with a trombone.
5.  The lyrics...This could be a really long reason but I'll shorten it to say that most of it just gets me really pumped up especially because when I run I'm like a great white shark on shark week....
6.  There is a personal shout out to me at the 3:38 minute mark.  He distinctly says "That's Rachel right here".  Listen closely.  You'll agree.

I can count to 5 but I threw an extra one in there just for YOU!


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