Friday, May 2, 2014

The Coffee Conundrum, Tuesday Morning and Other SAHM Quandaries

I recently brunched in honor of a friend's birthday. We went to a fun place in OKC and had deliciously strong coffee and some really tasty food. The coffee was piping hot. But then, I kept getting good service....a little too good. The waiter kept filling my cup so it mixed with my old coffee, resulting in an increasingly colder brew with each pour. Because of his fantastic serving abilities, I ended up with a big cup of lukewarm coffee. I thought about pouring it out before each refill, but that may have caused a scene. Next time I think I'll fling my hand over my cup in dramatic fashion to prevent additional coffee until it's fully empty. But what if I end up not getting a timely refill...I've pondered this for weeks and concluded that tepid coffee is better than no coffee, amiright....

Ok, you guys...I just deactivated and re activated my Facebook account in the last 5 minutes. I can't go through with it. Anyone else feel that it's mere presence is thwarting the growth of real life relationships? Anyone else feel anxiety when they can't log on and see if they missed anything?? I'm too damn nosy to delete the thing. I just need a creeper account. (That and one cup of piping hot coffee, followed by a brand new cup with new piping hot coffee. Did we just solve the coffee conundrum? I think we did. BOOM.)

Speaking of nosy, I know some of you are, and I'll just go ahead and tell you we ate brunch at Kitchen 324. It was super delish and I will be going back. I tried the strata, which was really good and I want to try the fried green tomato Benedict. It was difficult to wrap my head around eggs Benedict but with a fried green tomato...which seems to be everyone's fave. Eggs Benedict is a solid dish that I feel you shouldn't mess with so I'm skeptical, yet willing to taste test.  BUT the main reason I must return is to try the pastries. I'm a sucker for those. I seriously can't make it out of Panera, or Wal-Mart for that matter, without adding a scone or pastry. The next time you go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, buy a Heavenly Cheese Danish in the bakery area. That's what it's called, not what I named it, and I can't look directly at it without buying one. Disclaimer: not a health food...

I wish I had a pastry.

And coffee.

But instead, I have a half written post and a bed calling my name.  Actually, that's my toddler. Guess we will make this a To Be on the edge of your seat for info on Tuesday Morning and SAHM Quandaries. (Definition of quandary-state of thinking after writing the word quandary)

To Be Continued...

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