Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everything is about to work out.....almost

Remember how I said that my eyebrows were out of control?  Well, magnifying makeup mirror in hotel room=problem solved.  More than solved, actually.  I haven't spent as much time examining my own face in my whole adult life combined as I have this week alone in this DC hotel bathroom...I will be glad when we leave just so I can stop staring at all the wrinkles I have.  Last night I got ID'd not once, but twice at the place we ate dinner.  If they could only look at me through the makeup mirror...there would be no IDing.  None at all.

I've seen some pretty excellent things since I have been here...including the First Ladies' Inaugural Ball Gown Collection, Dorothy's slippers, Abe Lincoln's top hat, the Declaration of Independence, The Wright Bro's first plane, the White House, Capitol etc, a couple go the wrong way on the DC Metro.....not us......hundred + year old buildings and residences.....It's been great.  oh...I also saw snow.

And I will see more snow.  And that, my friends, is why I'm sitting in the hotel room being nervous that I won't make it to my own home closing.......

Does the Metro have a stop in Houston?  Because I'd be willing to ride that sucker all day and all night.  However, I'd probably end up in Alaska somehow....

Until next time! 

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