Monday, January 3, 2011

A Couple Stops at Dairy Queen

Husband: I guess we should stop at some point on this trip if we must...

Wife: I found two $5 gift cards from last year's stocking stuffers to DQ! We can eat for free!

Husband: Stopping at DQ is a risk on a road trip...but I have another gift card in my pocket. Let's do it! (It seems as though one of us stole someone else's stocking)

Wife: Exit now! I see one!

Husband: (exclaims as pulling into the parking lot) There's a bus unloading!!

Wife: (While trying to avoid flying through the windshield as the husband slams on the brakes) What do you want?!! I'm going to beat all of them!

Husband: (Shouting as the car is still rolling and the wife is jumping out of the car) Hamburger!!

Wife: Give me your other card!!

Husband: Just go!! Go!

Wife beats approximately 15 athletes in line and dinner is served in 2 minutes flat, for a mere dollar and change.

If that isn't a happy ending to a Merry Christmas, I don't know what is.

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