Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Little Love!

I recognize that the last time I posted I rambled on about pregnancy and Mary, during which I somehow made it sound like I got pregnant in a confusing way..........AWKWARD and just to clear things up - I was making reference to the fact that Mary was a VIRGIN and was not referencing myself.

Like I said....awkward.

Moving on.

I feel like the only thing I can do is talk about being pregnant, which I feel may be incredibly annoying but it is truly amazing!  I can't stop dreaming about this precious little girl and how great she is going to be.  It's breath-taking to know that there were people that possibly loved me THIS MUCH before I was even born.  Planning and waiting for a sweet baby is like nothing else I have ever done before.  I love it more than eating even.  But really, on a serious note, it's even better than bacon.  HAH - truly.  It's like nothing I've experienced nothing as consuming and wonderful as this!

On the flip side....pregnancy makes a wreck of me some days/moments.  Hormones are out of control.  Sometimes my goal is merely to make it through the next two months without absolutely causing my husband to never want to talk to me again!  Being a single mom would not be fun.  Especially right at first.

I don't have many shenanigans to report on as of late.  I promise to post the story about how I had to pregnant sprint across the dewy field in blustery Oklahoma over Thanksgiving break.  But not today.  My book is calling me.  And possibly a cup of hot cocoa.

Until next time!

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