Sunday, December 11, 2011

Running Log, Pregnant Mary and Ramblings

If you paid any attention to my running log on the right you would take note that I've logged exactly 0 miles in a loooong time.  Let's face it: pregnant running is straight up AWKWARD.  Power walking has long since taken its place.  And, even sooner since, strolling has taken power walking's place.  That and lame, I mean, AWESOME, pregnancy work out videos that include bending down to pick up things as an "exercise".  Carrying another person in your abdomen turns out to actually be more of a work out than one would anticipate.

So you COULD say that I work out all the time.  Literally.  I'm winning again, which is beside the point, because my point is actually to share that I'm planning to run another half marathon at the end of the year next year.  I have always admired moms who run, but, going through a pregnancy adds to that adoration.

Also?  (not that it didn't mean anything before) but Pregnant Mary also has a lot more meaning after being pregnant.  If Matt suggested that I ride on a donkey for 80 miles, probably without snacks, I would tell him he was crazy, had no concern for my child or emotional state, which is shaky at best, because of all the confusion involving how I got pregnant and how I no longer have friends, not only on Facebook but in real life plus I'm retaining water and I look as big as a whale.

Giving birth in a cave?  That just adds a whole separate level of craziness.  But Pregnant Mary?  She rocked it like a champ.  What a strong woman!

Anyway, I'll be running a half next November with my good friend who is due right after me in March.  Go running moms!

'til next time!

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