Thursday, June 2, 2011

If I Ran the World, Things Would Make More Sense

Drinking leftover morning coffee at 2:15 PM to stay awake is almost as un-enjoyable as being moved into the 10 Items or Less line by an HEB worker when you clearly have >10 items in your cart.  I understand that someone is assigned the task of Line Management on the afternoon shift at HEB, but moving to that line with 20+ items causes everyone in line near you to eye your cart and give each other sideways glances while winking at the cashier, who, in turn, eyes your cart and returns the winks of those in line around you.  If I ran the world, I would classify how many items each line should have, and the Line Manager would not cross those categories.  Signs at HEB in my universe:

10 Items or Less
Greater Than or Equal to 10 Items, but Less Than 25
Greater Than or Equal to 25 Items, but Less Than 50; Did You Count Each Yogurt?
Greater Than 50

I apologize if I made "Than" no longer seem like a word.  Rest assured I feel the same way.

Now that I'm restructuring, it seems like this line system is a waste of space because I don't have the stats on these groups I chose, and one line may be overworked.  People with <10 items should not get rewarded for being unorganized and shopping for 5 things every day while the other majority of the population plans ahead and has >10 items.  On second thought:

10 Items or Less & Line Manager:  Abolished 

Until next time!

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