Friday, March 4, 2011

Yes, I drag puppies by their heads.....

My mom so lovingly shares with me all the time that I was oppositionally defiant as a small child.  I find it amusing and funny.....well, I found it funny until yesterday.  The exact moment it stopped amusing me occurred at the beginning of the afternoon Snook-dogg walk.  Snookie decided to lay down in the grass in the front yard and wouldn't move.  So I started dragging her, which normally works - she'll jump up and start walking.  NO LUCK.  I was effectively, or rather in-effectively, dragging her around by the head while she laid on the ground; therefore, I walked away without her.  Fun game, right?  Then she came running after me.  As soon as I touched the leash, guess what?  On the ground.  Repeat twice.

Luckily I'm more stubborn than her.  But it looked rather odd to passers by, I'm sure, while I was dragging a little corgi puppy around by her head.

Until next time!

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