Monday, October 24, 2011

A Small Appliance Most Likely Killed the Cat

What did I do when I knocked my favorite glass pitcher off the top shelf in the pantry while getting the toaster over down? Well, first I stared at the huge mess of shattered glass all over my kitchen floor, started crying and then proceeded to burn the bacon. I blame pregnancy hormones. Luckily, I'm married and not trying to impress the man I live with. He was understanding enough to clean the entire thing up for me.

I have also addressed the real issue at hand: that I keep most of my small appliances in the pantry...why? you ask. Well, it's less cluttered that way. And much more tidy. And gives the illusion that I have endless amounts of counter space. Plus, I don't use the toaster oven very often. I think I just talked myself to moving it back into the pantry. I took care of the most hazardous object on that shelf just the other day. Thank you, blog, for helping solidify my beliefs about Small Kitchen Appliance Storage.

On a different note, today I'm the annoying office mate that popped pop corn and made the entire office smell like the movies. Unprofessional? Maybe.

Ask me if I care.

Until next time!!

PS - it's a good thing I spell checked...I had a type-o that could have been very awkward. Panty instead of pantry.

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