Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Plum

I ate a lean cuisine at 10 am for a snack one day, I'm doing yoga instead of running hardcore like usual...haha...that should read more like running-ish, and I'm going to bed or falling asleep at approximately 9pm all because I have a tiny being growing and forming inside of me!!  I'm due February 14, people!  Pretty exciting.  My little baby is currently the size of a plum.  We will soon be a family of 4, if you count Snook-dog, who, by the way, was actively participating in last night's yoga session.  Picture a woman in the downward facing dog pose, with a dog lounging/rolling around under her gazing up into her loving eyes and licking at her.  For the full 45 minutes of the session.  It was awesome.

Until next time! 

Interesting tidbit...Spellcheck tries to replace Snook-dog with Snooker.  How does spellcheck know all of her nicknames?  Stop spying on us, Spellcheck!

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