Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Less Fortunate

Yesterday, after a hard day's work, I got ready to nearly sweat to death in the hardest track work out of my life (thanks to my running partner. Don't be tricked into thinking I can be self motivated into going outside and busting out an excruciating work out. Well, maybe. Chances are, about 30%) (I'm truly happy that I have someone to be on this journey with me that will put up with my whininess. We are usually just plain hardcore, but during the off time of hardcoreness, I can lapse into serious whining. I'm working on it though. Really)

Anyway, after 1.5 hours of being hardcore (translation: 45 minutes of being hardcore, 45 minutes of being whiny), I lounged around in my car while my dear husband got out of class. Thank you, professor, for holding class late. Thank. You. While this situation would normally generate numerous "what are you doing?" "why is it taking so long?" texts, I was just grateful to be sitting around in the leisure of radio jams recovering from death. During this time I deduced I would not be partaking in that cooking dinner ritual. We all know that me cooking brings somewhat of a risk to the table, as you saw not too long ago, and I had already taken sufficient risks with the working out. So, the Sandidges decided on Chinese take-out.

We stopped by our favorite place on the way home and got our food. I made sure and got extra fortune cookies, a move karma apparently doesn't appreciate. After eating our delicious dinner, I excitedly cracked open what I sensed to be the most lucky of the four fortune cookies. And my fortune read:

You think no one cares if you are alive. Try missing a few car payments.

Excuse me? That was less fortune, more depression. I couldn't bear to crack open another, so I saved my other one for today. AND I just opened it. AND it would not fall into the category of fortune, but it wouldn't exactly fall into the category of depression either:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Clearly whoever wrote that is not aware that everyone has a different learning style, because that fortune doesn't apply to me. And that person, who appears to be a kinesthetic learner, didn't take notes on the day they talked about the meaning of the word fortune. I feel cheated. Doubly cheated. Plus, spell check continues to jack with my emotions.

Until next time!

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