Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work Blogging: Take.....However Many We're On

So, I haven't blogged in almost a week but the cosmos is telling me to get cracking because I'm most definitely not abiding by the dress-code today and that automatically means WORK BLOGGING!

Sunday I get a picture text from my mom (I know, right?! My mom picture texts and regular texts, is on facebook, a topic that requires it's own post and lately my DAD has even been texting. How is it that my Father has a data plan on his cell and I still have the old phone with only texting capabilities?? I have never played words with friends or facebooked via i-phone.....how my heart aches...) Anyway, the picture text is of an old, giant tree in my parent's backyard. To a regular person, the text would just be of a tree, kind of ominous and old but just a tree.

I look at the text and almost start crying. It's the tree in my yard that used to be one part of the support for the fort my sister and I played in while growing up. My dad tore down the fort! Along with years of fun! All the time I spent up in the fort playing! And in middle school kissing boys......I mean........we totally stopped going up in the fort.

I'm heart broken! I'm pretty sure I'll spend some time this weekend, eyes glazed over, staring out the back window of my parent's house, longing for the friend that once stood proudly in the back yard. And the only thing that will fix it will be a giant, chocolaty glass of milk. I'll keep you posted. Literally.

Until next time!

PS - apparently texting and facebook are not words accepted by blogspot spell check. The world makes sense again........

Blogspot is not a word either..... spellcheck stop jacking with my emotions. How can you accept a word that looks completely screwed up like chocolaty

Additional PS - If I had an acceptable phone, I could put the picture text of the sad and lonely tree on here, but it's your lucky day and you get to stay depression free!

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  1. I wondered how you girls were going to feel about having that fort tore down when I saw your mom's post on facebook! It just goes back to the Will Smith song, 'Parent's Just Don't Understand.'