Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Left-Handed Cooking

I just made an entire batch of my grandmother's homemade chocolate chip cookies. Hello, Susy Homemaker! However, I imagine less hitches going down in her kitchen when cookie production occurs than were going down in mine. It's all good though. I have neosporin for the burns and have successfully cleaned the kitchen and done the dishes with my left hand. Let's just say I'm not ambidextrous by any means. I hope my dear husband has enjoyed his official job offer cookies. They came with a price. Who needs pointer, middle-man, and ring-finger on their right hand?? Merely a tiny sacrifice in order to celebrate one-half of the Sandidge family landing a real job and putting the hard-earned degree to use!

About being ambidextrous, that was my dream as a small child. Some kids want to be the president, some kids want to be an astronaut, or even desire to have super-hero powers...........but no. Not me. I found ambidexterity fascinating. I seriously practiced writing with my left hand all the time. "Did I eventually improve at this task?"you ask. Answer: no. I don't know why or how I came to think being able to be both-handed would be so amazing, but I totally did.

Well, I'm off to eat cookies and ride Matt's coat-tails all the way to Houston! And, let's be honest. I'm probably going to practice signing my name with my left hand a few times before bed.

Until next time!!

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