Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Makes Me Mad? THE WORLD

Everything is made of peanut butter, so I got this. Rather than blather on about whatever comes into my head, and believe me, there is a lot going on there, I'm going to post some pictures that make me happy. Because happy is a place I want to be. I was talking to my wise mother about this over the weekend, and she made a very good point. She told me that she keeps and takes note of things that make her feel good, so I shall follow suit.

Yes. I love the Fibonacci Sequence and am intrigued by reading about it. Yes, maybe I'm a nerd. Ask me if I care.

Challenge: Find something that makes you feel happy, and concentrate on it, and, if you aren't too careful, you'll be happy! I'm doing the challenge. All day. Everyday. I'll be freakishly happy all the time. Sunbeams will be radiating out of my face. Look out, world. You might make me mad, but I'll be breaking you down one happy/loving thought at a time.

Until next time!!

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