Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me Being Happy

I'm on the thing about being happy, remember? There is too much that is awful going on in the world for me to be complaining about anything going on with me. Really, the things I consider major upsets include hangnails, bad hair days, time crunches, tickets and the like. Some people in this world have really terrible and hard things going on in their lives.

Happiness today looked like my favorite heels, beautiful weather, a clean apartment, and the mask husband brought back from New Orleans which I may or may not have been wearing around my apartment. Oh, also, I cooked a delicious supper, if I may say so myself. I will put the recipe on here, but I'm being lazy on the couch right now.

Also, I'm watching 500 Days of Summer. Again. I'm about to start a new book as well. I haven't been reading much lately, as far as a novel goes, anyway. I only have boring stuff so I'm calling it a night! Cheers!

Until next time!!

PS-Attic Man knocked down the hanging bar in my closet. He's unruly sometimes.

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