Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mary Tyler Moore, Please Call Extension 2404

I just ate some bad ass food prepared by my friend, I have two interviews next week, ( "Why am I excited about interviews if I seem to be employed?" you ask. Well, I'm employed as a temp, a temp receptionist, to be exact. I'm temping at a place that someone might call down to reception and ask me to page God, because everyone is a hilarious jokester like that. Ha freaking HA! And there is so much going on, I'd probably page God. But that's due in part to my unshakable work ethic. Either that or my need to play along with jokes. Usually I'm the one on that side of the jokes. Maybe this is a lesson from the cosmos to stop joking with people. It's just really hard to say at this point. Plus, the cosmos is kind of sneaky. (Side point: I am making an effort to actually have and live like I have a decent work ethic. Don't get me wrong, I haven't exactly taken advantage of my employers in the past. I have just done things like emailed excessively, which is just a matter of opinion, and work blogged, which could technically be furthering my potential writing career.....things really become grey that were once black and white if you dissect them enough. It seems like it should work the other way around.....)) I received an awesome care package from my MOM today, which included fancy paperclips (shout out to those of you who share my love of OFFICE SUPPLIES!!) a shirt, mechanical pencils, fruit snacks and a Starbucks card!!! Don't be fooled, I'm 25.

I don't know what could go better with this day. I really don't! I've been needing one of these days, and HERE IT IS! Refreshing. The world isn't out to get me after all, and the Man isn't getting me down, not for now, anyway.

Cheers!!! Until next time!

PS-I really don't know how this post could possibly be considered to be grammatically correct, seeing as the majority of it was a parenthetical side note and/or in parenthesis and/or a side note. Annnnnnnd it just got worse.

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  1. I share your love of office supplies. It's an obsession. Especially notebooks, they're like a drug to me.