Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Heart Breakfast Tacos

For real. They make me think deeply. Or maybe they were drugged.

Everything can change in a breath and life is fleeting. These are the truths I'm rediscovering through the crazy ride of moving to Houston. When concentrating on these ideas, I swear to myself that I'll never take things for granted, especially the small things, and I'll think positively. It's just not as easy to be funny when taking it seriously, y'all!! I'll find a balance, don't worry.

There a few things I need to address: this is day 1.5 of living like I'm broke, day 9 of half marathon training, and Netflix finally got wise and came out with an app which will revolutionize my life. Maybe not, but seriously, it's birth was long overdue.

Today was the first day that I walked out side and felt relief and an overall zen feeling. It Was either because it was about 10 degrees cooler or because something big is about to happen. Maybe something big already did happen, when I got two of the most delicious breakfast tacos this morning. And honestly? If that were it, I'd be content.

Until next time!!

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