Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucky For You, I'm Unemployed

Day one of the half marathon training has found me! Hello there, day one. I feel as though you signify something lucky. I'm not sure where I get these ideas, but I have a lot of them right now. For example, I found one particular school in Houston that I find appealing. I've convinced myself that I will teach there. Also that they will call me today. It's like the scene in American Beauty when the mom is pep talking herself about selling the house TODAY. I picture myself being less of a tool than her, though. Hopefully.

I really do hope that today is lucky because I definitely shaved with a totally rusty razor this morning. I'll probably get tetanus. I looked in the lucky day handbook and it said that wasn't allowed. Read the handbook, day one of half marathon training. Don't break the rules on me.

Outlook for the day: good, if not lucky. Chance of baking a chocolate cake: 80%. Chance of me posting the clip from American Beauty for you later: 50%.

Until next time!

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