Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shorty Shorts

A lot of people frequent Memorial Park who live in Houston. A lot of people realize that I'm an impostor runner. A lot of people are probably going to be annoyed when I start yelling "HEY! Running man who just flew by me! GIVE ME BACK MY SHORTY SHORTS! Because I'm pretty sure you raided my closet before you came to run! But you only took my shorts, no shirts. Maybe you should have re-thought that!" Actually, it'll probably not include all of that, seeing as I'm typically out of breath at Memorial Park. It will be more like "HEY! Running man, give me back my shorts!" This may or may not give the wrong idea about what's actually going on.

I have a lot of problems stemming from Memorial Park. Not only do I leave slightly traumatized at the sights, but also half dead and in a rage because of the Houston humidity. To add, it seems that the high school cross country over achievers who are too young to know what is sensible have been running laps around me. I was very close to stopping and drinking from their large, very cool and insulated jug of water. I think they probably owe it to me after all they put me though with the lapping and quick running.

In other news, today is my mom's birthday! The June Holiday Madness has ensued (which includes my mom's, sister's and my birthdays and father's day - it's like alternate Christmas!). I'm most definitely still celebrating my birthday and enjoying my birthday bouquet while contemplating the importance of celebrating loved ones on their special days. I love knowing that someone thought of me on my day, and want to do the same for the important people in my life! Plus, getting and giving presents might be on the top of my list of favorite things.

Cheers to holidays!

Until next time!!

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