Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mi Cumpleaños

So.......I get uber worked up and excited about my birthday because I'm roughly 5 years old at heart. The usual goal when this time of year rolls around is to milk it as much as possible, draw out the celebrations as long as possible. On a good year, I won't have to make my own bed or fix my own meals for at least three days. Disgusting, I know. But so great.

I felt different about it this year, though. It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm turning 25. That pretty much seals the deal on adulthood, seeing as 25 is half of 50. (I guess it could also mean that I have 25 years experience being awesome? or not awesome. either one.)

Lucky for me, I found that there is a woman who may or may not, in fact, be 157 years old. I have a good 130 years to go! Maybe in this time I can figure out how to spend less on my Starbucks drink than my grocery bill. I'm not kidding, this happened today. My coffee was more than my grocery bill. I did only buy two ears of corn, broccoli and a loaf of bread...but really? That's half of a meal. So ridiculous. But, don't even THINK I'm not stopping with the coffee drinks. Can't. Stop.

Maybe in the next 130 years Starbucks prices will go down, then I'll reminisce with the kids in my neighborhood in the year 2140 about how much more expensive coffee drinks used to be.

Until next time!

PS-Spellcheck needs to link up with urban dictionary. Uber is a word. Maybe it's German in origin, but it became adopted into English slang in the mid 1980's, thanks to the Dead Kennedys. I anticipate the giant leaps forward spellcheck will make in my lifetime. Spellcheck, you have 130 years.


  1. I call BS on the 157 year old woman! She just happened to burn all of her identification cards. Pssh.

  2. Okay, I hate to break it to you, but Emily has been taking German for the last 2 years and one of the first things she learned is the misuse of the word uber. Sadly it does not mean VERY like everyone thinks . . . it means about or over or across according to the dictionary in her 2 German textbooks. But I still like you uber much. And by that I mean about as much as a hug from Edsel.


    According to Urban Dictionary, we are both correct. And we all know Urban Dictionary has the ultimate say.....