Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Work Blogging: Take II

Seeing as it is snowing, and adults are really like a bunch of 3rd graders, and absolutely NOTHING is currently being accomplished on the desk of Rachel Sandidge, only one thing can possibly occur now: WORK BLOGGING! It seems as though every time I work blog, I am also wearing jeans, an indication of my over-all, generally apathetic attitude. That is what makes life worth living right? RIGHT!

This morning I rolled into work prepared for the forecasted weather. Don't judge. I was wearing a coat with a rain coat on top. With the hood cinched down. And my jeans, they might have been rolled up. And I might have also had an umbrella. Better safe than sorry.....Better safe than looking hot.......no shame.

The attire from this morning is similar to that during my honeymoon, which took place in Niagara Falls. Let me tell you something - it is humid and misty there at all times. I might have worn a jacket or poncho during most of our honeymoon, again, with the hood cinched down......Matt once told me that he felt like he was honeymooning with a little boy, what with the hood cinching and all.

The Cinch is a classic move I will carry with me through life. It never lets me down and always preserves the character of my hair; even when I do The Cinch, wear sunglasses, stroll into work late, and hold to door open for the CEO of the company I formerly worked at while he stares at me in wonder.

Until next time!

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