Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains

Hmmm...6 month hiatus?  Yes.  But here I am!

In Oklahoma.

That's right.  My family made the journey home for good.  Living by my family has been heavenly.  My husband and I have had more alone time in the past four months than the whole time baby girl has been alive. 

Did I mention I'm a stay at home mom now?  You would think that I have an abundance of time to "work blog" but by the time nap time rolls around I'm trying to frantically fold clothes (by that I mean I am glued to HGTV or other quality daytime television like I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant) or vacuum while I have a few moments to myself.  I tell people you can judge the length of the nap by the cleanliness of the kitchen sink (or the amount of items checked off my To Do list i.e. the recorded DVR list).

My sweet baby turned one.  How much she has changed amazes me.  She delights me.  It has been an action packed year and I cannot wait for another one.

Prepare to hear about packing and moving yet again.  I haven't even had a chance to document the move from College Station to El Reno yet and am preparing to move from temporary housing to permanent as we blog!

I am still slowly losing my mind.  In the car this morning I attempted to turn up my radio volume for my and baby girl's listening delights.  As I was repeatedly hitting the + button, nothing was happening to the volume.  But I did, however, notice that my car increased speed.  It turns out that cruise control buttons do nothing for the radio.

I will try to hang on to what sanity is left until next time, when I bring you Adventures of a Mother Runner and Other Curious Events.


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