Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Your Mother's Guide to Pregnancy and Motherhood

(I will admit, I did, in fact, rip the title of this post off of my sister-in-law's blog.  And I give her full credit.)

My mom and sister recently pitched an idea that I should write a book about pregnancy and the first year in the life of one's baby.  It would be good.  HOWEVER, I have a problem with lengthy writing and I don't know how well a 15 to 30 page "book" would sell.  The full title of the book would be:

Not Your Mother's Guide to Pregnancy and Motherhood:  What the Doctor Never Told You But The Nurse May Have

I only go lengthy on title.  It just exacerbates the problem if your title is only three words shorter than the actual work...I've thought of some chapter titles:  Two for Tuesday (it would outline the perks of having a child), Marathon Birth (it would compare birth to running a marathon...much much harder as a marathon does not leave you with a 6 week recovery, the need for stitches and a stomach that equates itself to a bowl full of jelly.  If it did when you ran one we need to talk about your training program.)

That's basically all I have.  Titles and no stuffing.  Plus, the main thing I would wrestle with is how to come across light and funny while emphasizing the weight of having a baby (no pun intended).  By weight, I mean I also want to convey how wonderful and challenging it is to be a parent, beginning while your child is in utero (hopefully not the Nirvana album).  I would want people to laugh, be informed and also moved.  I think I need to pick one.  It just figures that I can't do anything without having a major identity crisis.

Oh, one other title was It Figures (about pregnant body changes.  I think I got the title from an early 90's work out by Charlene Prickett.  We also have copyright issues abounding.)  And the ever non-creative chapter called Mom Brain which chronicles becoming more and more like your own mother every day as one forgets random things but remembers them 4 hours later when putting dirty clothes in the dishwasher or trying to program the DVR with remote to the DVD player.

Publishers?  Anybody?  I'll sell you my ideas!


PS - it's creeping up on the time that I only do posts about Fall!  Get excited!

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