Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lesson Learned

Life lesson: Don't take your breakable, un lid-able beverage holders with you in the car.  I've learned this lesson before but not in the same way.  It was more in the way of spilled beverages.

One of my favorite coffee mugs met it's demise early Sunday morning.  I tried in vain to save the little guy but was unwilling to sacrifice my piping hot breakfast tacos in the endeavor.  I know in my head that it was just a ceramic tool used to house coffee but in my heart it stood as a symbol of my life in Texas; my carefree years of young.

All good things come to an end (Life lesson?).  Even something as simple as a fantastic taco (oh, and, they were!).

Goodbye, Beckman-Coulter Mug.  You were loved.


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