Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dibs on Depression

So, church was depressing tonight.  The message was something to the effect of "God heals some people, but we all die."  I realize that it's much deeper than that, and I appreciate the depth and like thinking about the circle of life, but hey, I feel like putting a pillow on my face and eating chocolate while laying in the floor and feeling bad that my main concern is how I'm going to decide if I either a)switch to all flats and purchase one new pair of jeans or b)buy two new pairs of jeans and some new heels while small children in other countries have legit concerns like finding a place to sleep so they aren't out in the cold or finding their next meal.  So, as an alternative to THAT lovely scenario, I got on facebook, and as a result, ended up googling "dibs" to make sure it was a word and that it was spelled correctly in my comments.  The depression gets deeper.  I'm about to watch The Wonder Years, but the only thing, the one slightly redeeming thing, the one thing about my evening that makes me know it's all going to be ok is that I have a loving husband to snuggle up to while I lament on the couch, that I will be able to make it home for Christmas, and that no matter how bad things seem, I don't have real worries because I have a job, a family and friends.

PS - We all know that the actual real thing that is giving me hope is my Pandora Christmas station, which I have been listening to all day.

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