Monday, November 29, 2010

Life Long Learning in Action

Whew...things I learned today:

1. Yoga can cause near death experiences. Don't, for one second, picture a zen experience. It was exactly the opposite.

2. Some people consider themselves to be Professional Bloggers. Did I miss orientation? Because, I can assure you, I would have chosen THAT major.

3. Some EVOO tastes like straight vodka. I know this because I cooked with it not too long ago and caused my husband to think he hated brussels sprouts more than he actually does.

4. Some bell peppers are purple. I know because I ended up with some on my receipt despite the fact that the Randal's checker claimed that "that code doesn't even exist." No, I wasn't at the self check out.

5. I'm allergic to mussels.

6. One way to enjoy "winter" in Houston is to steal your in-laws crackling fire DVD, which also plays Christmas music, and play it on a continuous loop while drinking homemade hot coco with the air conditioner cranked way down.

7. It's possible to read for 3 hours in a row, hence the second revelation of the day.

8. Withdrawals, after experiencing an eating holiday, most definitely occur. My pseudo fried rice just doesn't measure up to green bean casserole or twice baked streusel sweet potatoes (the story of which are a post in itself...)

9. Hershey's hot coco recipe tastes excellent. I'm probably going to gain ten pounds creating the atmosphere as described in the sixth thing I learned today.

Hot chocolate is calling!

Later, lovelies!

PS-I'm planning on doing a thankful type post, but I'm not done reflecting yet...hahaha. Happy late Thanksgiving!

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