Sunday, November 21, 2010

Countdown to Pumpkin Pie Begins

Me? Oh I'm just enjoying a nice cozy afternoon with the husband in our cozy, Falled-out apartment. Some days doing laundry and staying in seems nice. Especially as compared to going out into the dangerously wild unknown, also called HEB on the Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving (where you may or may not back into someone who's also backing out in the parking lot, but not do very much damage to your car...). As long as I stay indoors with the AC I can pretend its crisp and cool outside. Maybe I'll crank it down a bit and get a little crazy and drink some hot coco.

I'm ridiculously excited about Thanksgiving and the baking it will involve. Tasks for the remainder of the day also include Christmas lists so shopping can commence, on Friday, of course. Nothing like proving that I've got a screw loose and heading out into the frenzy of the Friday after Thanksgiving shopping bonanza.

Christmas decor was due to come out today, but I'm going to wait a bit longer, suck it up and put it all out when we get back from the Thanksgiving Tour 2010.


'til next time.

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