Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elevator Etiquette 101

As verbalized by my husband, who apparently became more interested in that "blog thing" when he discovered that some people have sponsors and make money with said blog.....but I digress.....

Some people (to whom I am married) get all up in arms when co-building inhabitants cram themselves into the elevator and force said people to say "excuse me" when, clearly, they were the ones occupying the elevator in the first place and should be receiving the "excuse me".  According to the interview sample (to whom I am married) the annoyance is heightened particularly when exiting the elevator.  All the sample wants to do is leave work!  But all these inconsiderate co-building inhabitants crowding and flooding the elevator are blocking the exit and causing more un-deserved "excuse me"s.  I'm anticipating when, in the next few days, an Elevator Etiquette Handbook surfaces around the Sanchez Household...I mean, I could feel the passion shooting out the the sample's face during this whole discussion.

And it was breathtaking. 

One good thing about marriage is that it's entertaining.  Also?  I feel pretty lucky that I found someone who has almost the exact sense of humor as me.  Who is a good sport.  The above description is not meant in any way to make said sample sound like a jerk.  The sample humored me when I made him watch this ridiculous clip on YouTube about poltergeist pre-elevator rant this evening.  The sample also endures that horrible "situation" in the elevator day in and day out to help fund my shoe addiction.  (I hope the sample doesn't realize this.  Just kidding, sample, if you are reading this).

Also?  He forgives me when I accidentally click "like" on a horribly creepy breastfeeding picture on facebook of someone when perusing things through his profile on his iphone. 

What a great sport.  Cheers to you, husband!

Until next time...

PS-I promise to never again refer to my hubby as The Sample

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  1. Haha, you guys remind me of me and my husband. You're funny =) Lovin' the blog!