Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Un-Bucket List

Everyone seems to be making Bucket Lists. Don't get me wrong, I'm Planning Ahead's number one fan, but sitting down to do a list of things sort of takes the excitement out of it for me today. I started this post intending to write my bucket list, but it seemed lame. What matters to me is not hiking Mt. Everest, seeing the Great Wall, or surfing off the coast of Australia, which are all things that would have been on said Bucket List, except I reject Bucket Listing. I would, instead, like to wake up every day and be happy with what I have and who I have with me on this journey called life. I want to feel completely filled up with goodness because I have relationships with people and family and take note of the small things, where ever I am.

I contemplated writing a list of Things I Don't Want to Do Before I Die but that seemed sort of negative. We all know Karma is watching me, so I went ahead and deleted that. Also, mainly, it seemed hard to take seriously. Possibly because it contained items such as: clean the oven, do laundry, buy dairy from the HEB in College Station. (The bottom line is that I complain A LOT and probably have a permanent un-Buckety List running through my brain at all times, while many people in this world would be more than happy with my living conditions and in my shoes! I mean, I have a bad-ass collection of shoes, to be sure. This is what really matters in life....)

The Un-Bucket List could be the result of me perpetually wanting to not be like everyone else, damn the man, etc. Either that or I'm on to something. What I do know is that I went to get my hair cut at a funky salon in The Heights (with a vibe that, to me, says Tim Burton meets hair salon meets 100 scary mannequin heads.) I found in this place a guy getting his hair cut who has been traveling the world for 10 months. He's from Australia and is just out, traveling around. He hit up Europe and the came to the old US of A to visit some family. How awesome is that?! I am willing to place a wager that he doesn't blog his bucket list - he is out LIVING and DOING. I aspire to be such.

So......Until next time!

I'll be blogging it up in approximately 10 months!

PS-Just kidding. The main point of the Un-Bucket List is that it doesn't matter where I am or what sights I'm seeing. This is very peanut-buttery and more relational for me. The Un-Bucket List Concept includes sightseeing, but doesn't have a foundation there. It most likely involves a bunch of break dancing and maybe surfing. And mainly people!

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