Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Win

I watched seven hours of America's Next Top Model today. SEVEN HOURS. And I've been awake since 2am. Why? You ask. Because I jolted awake and then watched infomercials about Zoomba and the movie Up. Up is the reason I didn't go back to sleep. It sucked me in, plus made me cry. I like to watch children's movies. I have no shame. Things started seeing freakishly clear around 6pm today. But now that it's 8pm, not so clear. Lack of sleep? Lack of general concern? I'm out to run a bit, seeing as I've run a grand total of none this week.

Some people may look at my past two crazy days and think that I lost. I started the day yesterday with three potential and probable job offers and ended with none. I look at them and think that I won. In the long run I have been spared the agony of working in a truly unprofessional and unpleasant atmosphere, and that counts for a lot. Also? How many people can say that they have lost three jobs in one day? I win. I'll add that to my resume.

Furthermore, my day this morning started with a stakeout. I can't give you anymore details than that. Just picture Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza spying on someone in a really inconspicuous way. I'll give you one guess as to who was playing George this morning. (Me. The paranoia is know. The paranoia where the I'm George and my life is Seinfeld) Doing the stake out was quite amusing and informative, in a totally non-creepy, stalking way. Win again.

Don't worry. I'll keep my ear to the grindstone, as Ben Afleck so eloquently put it in one of my all-time favorite moves, Good Will Hunting. By that I mean, I may do some fictional writing posts later. or not. Either way, you can anticipate what's next, and, regardless*, I win. Please take note, masses: irregardless isn't a word. (not to indicate that I think I'm being followed on this thing by the masses.)

Until then!

PS-Apparently irregardless is a word, according to spellcheck, who wanted to change Zoomba to Zambia, which would have probably made for a much more interesting infomercial.

*Maybe I should clarify that irregardless shouldn't be used here, rather than saying it's not a word. Maybe it is a word. I can't think of any time it would be of acceptable use. I don't know much about grammar. I'll ask my cute little English Majoring sister.

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