Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got Any Grapes?

So, I went to HEB bright and early Saturday morning. As I strolled into the produce area, I found glorious looking grapes. They were nice and plump, juicy and delicious looking. I must have really liked what I saw because as I was leaving after I checked out, I perused the receipt and discovered that I spent over NINE DOLLARS on grapes! I purchased over three pounds.

It might sound funny, and it is, but these grapes turned into my entertainment for the weekend. Matt and I were definitely throwing grapes and catching them in our mouths for fun. THEN we decided to make it even more interesting and throw them to each other. How it turned into me throwing them to Matt as if he were doing dog tricks? I'm not exactly sure. I love my life.

Also interesting. I most certainly watched a made for TV movie with Ryan Reynolds yesterday, which couldn't be more lame. However, there are certain times in ones life when idiotic made for TV movies can reduce you to tears and move you to become a life changing educator.......It's up for debate as to the actual cause for the tears. Could it have been Ryan Reynold's good looks and humor? Possibly.

It's a beautiful day outside! Happy weekend!

Until next time......

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