Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Fun* Take II

"Disclaimer: this post contains warm and fuzzy content. I am not my usual sarcastic self. I blame the autumn wreath candle I'm burning. Usually, by this time in October I've posted at least three blogs on fall, my love of fall, sparkly pumpkins, lattes and whatnot. It's not that I don't care about it this year. Don't worry. I've consumed at least three times my body weight in pumpkin and or spicy coffee drinks and broke out my decorative pumpkins and wreaths on time (read way before most normal people). It's just that I've been working on potty training my child. I never knew"

When I posted this before, what I was going to say I didn't know was "how consumed I could be by pee, but I won't bore you with my daughter's bathroom habits so here's a story all cozy and smiley about pumpkin pickin'"  but what I don't know now is how I deleted my warm, fuzzy fall post about the pumpkin patch, veggie soup and family!!

Blogger, you're fired!  I mean me.

I'm my mom.  

*Fun, meaning, Posting Shenanigans.  Just directly substitute.

Cosmos vs. Me, it's like 4 to 0, y'all.  The other three points were scored early last week while cleaning up TeeTee.

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