Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Let The Man Get You Down

You're welcome.  I decided to allow adds on my blog.  Then I changed my mind.  Just wanted to keep you updated on the level of care.

Add free for your ultimate enjoyment.

Plus I'm lazy and I didn't want obscene advertisements and the list of choices to block or not block had approximately 20 pages and now I blog in run-on sentences and the quality of writing is just way down here with the be verbs and whatnot abounding and I don't think getting a $10 check every three months for my blog is good for my self esteem and The Man is just peeking around every corner of every advertisement; they can't fool me.


Other wins today:

Positive potty experience (I am referring to my toddler, no I'm not that weird.)
Homemade fried rice AT LUNCH (I'm like freaking suzy homemaker, although I'm sure suzy would go ahead and cook dinner but I'm using this as a reason to NOT cook dinner)
Un-monetizing my blog (I'm so free right now I might just float away)
Acquiring a spot in the queue for an emergency bug spray this afternoon (I killed multiple spiders and such in my house, a win? not so much...although its more of a win for me than my little buggy friends (read with accent))

Until next time (when I tell you about how I got kicked out of the free food tent at the race Saturday) Keep your eye on The Man and cheers!  

If I've taught you anything, it's to watch out for The Man.  And trip him.  (Just say no to advertisements).

PS-I solved for "X" Saturday morning at the race.  X = sore hips and knees and a race time reflective of the rest on the side of the road around mile 10 for a sock adjustment...and then a few minutes later I was still sitting.  But over all, it was a really great experience.  We saw our friends, enjoyed the scenery, ate really great food and I finally got my husband hooked on running so that was a win.  I can't wait to get my toe healed so I can beat the pants off him at the next race.  Babe, I hope you read this.  But I'm sure you won't, because you never do (we have a real healthy relationship, y'all.  No really.)

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