Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Accidental Twelve

Sounds like a movie, right?  (One about a woman who obviously doesn't understand birth control) or perhaps and inspirational one about a rag tag team who overcomes obstacles in order to be the next winning champs. 

I wish it were the name of the muffins I didn't just cook.

Let me tell you, The Accidental Twelve is none of these things.  What it is; however, is the number of miles I ran on Sunday.  Accidentally.

I only missed one important step during the run.  I went right instead of left and didn't figure out that I was with the twenty mile running group for a little while.  No, no.  I will never be with that group on purpose.  It was a complete and total accident during which I almost made a few people hate me by complaining so much.

It's difficult to keep going when your ear buds are telling you that your goal has been met, two miles ago.

Last words to my awesome training partner:  "I'm not running a step past 10."  Boy, was I completely wrong about that.

Cosmos: 12   Rachel: 0

 Cheers to long runs, and even longer accidental ones.

'til next time!

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