Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boom Shakalaka

Here are a few tidbits/state of the Sanchez update:

Still watching Grey's all afternoon.

Still remembering that I am thankful for the job I've been provided that allows me to work from home and see my beautiful baby girl grow and learn so much every day.  Do you realize that the line between regular blogging and work blogging blurs completely because of this?  Am I working or blogging?  No one is sure.

Still staring in wonder at baby girl, who from this point forward shall be referred to as BG, as her big blue eyes stare back with complete trust and unconditional love (she is the best thing we have ever done).

Still trying to straighten my arms out without pain in my elbow pits because I'm so sore from doing the 30 day shred, even though that workout is so two years ago.  This in combination with running is brutal.  But in a good way.

Still photo-documenting BG's every move excessively.  Seriously.  It's quite excessive.  I have 1300 pictures stored on my iPhone.

Most importantly....I'm still wondering WHY my husband asked me how to spell "boom shakalaka."

PS - my amazing friends started an adoption blog and I really am still moved by their unfailing commitment to the Lord and his plan for their lives.


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