Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Room

Why are we so attached to stuff? I found myself looking around my house today looking for some things to donate to a garage sale to raise money for a mission trip, wondering how I acquired so much and why I feel the need to keep it all.

I piled up a whole dining room table full of this stuff and can't even tell a difference in my house. It made no dent. None. Ridiculous.

I am taking a brief blog break because I caught myself going to the attic to get everything-if it's up there WHY do I feel the need to keep all this crap?! (with the exception of Christmas decor, which is sacred and holy...that stays).

I recognize my other half will need to give his opinion before I tell them to take everything, even the dishes. But my goal is now to get rid of as much as possible....because I'm making room!! (for what....that's to be determined)

I'll keep you posted on the status of the purge of the meaningless sanchez junk. (WHY do we have 200 CDs...they are all on our iTunes.) (WHY do I have 7 curtain rods in the closet) (WHY do we have 45 coffee cups)

If its not nailed's gone.

'til next time! (which may be a while. Chances of getting rid of the computer and cell phone are high right now!)

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