Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snookie Tails

Mom asked me to guest blog for her because she obviously lacks motivation to do posts....Exhibit A: the 12 posts of Christmas-ish total one; tomorrow is the last day of Christmas.  I came into the Sandidge family almost a year ago.  It's usually what mom calls "shenanigans" but it's more like fun.  At first I was opposed to being paraded around on a string tied around my head, but now I see that it's a good way to explore the neighborhood.  Dad even lets me off the leash at the big field so I can chase things.  That's my favorite.

Christmas was fun.  I got new chew toys; specifically a blue squeaky bone whose magnificence almost frightens me.  It was almost as fun as Thanksgiving when I nearly caught a cat in the neighbor's barn when we visited Oklahoma.  Mom killed the fun, though.  She freaked out and started running after us and yelling.  It's kind of a blur because all I could think about was sprinting after said cat.  It was kind of nice to be carried all the way back to Grammy's house, even though I think I may have been being lectured on the way back.

The Christmas tree is gone, which had become my favorite place to lounge at home when inside.  I'll have to settle for the couch. 

Well, I'm off to chase birds in the backyard.

- Snookie Sandidge

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