Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Best. Day. Ever. I can't help that I love this day. I always have. It started back when I got to miss class in high school because I was a member of Spanish club and hello! we definitely held a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! Pinatas and all!!

Other reasons I love this day include but are not limited to:

Corona and/or Dos Equis

I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! The future seems bright at the Sanchez household, new jobs, new city, new things to do and places to go, hopefully places that enable me to accomplish the things I set out to do this year, including learning to break dance and also to ski and/or snowboard. My goals are lofty and unattainable, I know.

Also? So proud of my other half! He earned some awards at work today and will graduate from his grad program in one week from Friday. Not to mention he will start his job in Houston June 1. His hard work will enable me to blog so much this summer, lucky for YOU!

Furthermore, I can't wait to read some more in my totally uplifting book, The Bell Jar. It's a classic that I haven't read, and I decided it was about time. I'm only 15 pages in and honestly I'm not really sure what the book is about, other than a girl that has to go to shock therapy. We shall see!

Hasta la proxima!

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