Monday, May 20, 2013

Nothing Says Midlife Crisis like a Light Blue, Speeding PT Cruiser

I'm experiencing a small adjustment period from moving from a town that contains a major university with 50,000 students to a town with a small community college with roughly 2,500 students.

What happened to perpetual happy hour?  Why are there people at the nearest Lowe's shopping at normal daytime hours making purchases for things like lawn mowers and landscaping tools instead of shopping for beer pong table and beer bong supplies?  Where did my value movie prices go?  Most importantly, who is tailgating me now?  Not young 20 somethings learning to drive outside of Houston for the first time on roads with less than 6 lanes.  No, no.  Now that I have migrated north I'm still getting tailgated, but, instead, it's by middle aged men going 10 over in PT cruisers.

I used to be the one tailgating, but it seems that my husband has worn off on me and I act as a "traffic calming device" at least 60% of the time.  I will admit that as I have become more wise with old age my eyes have been opened to the importance of driving just slow enough to irritate those behind me.  Patience is a virtue.

(Just trying to keep it safe...)

Nap time hours don't last forever so I'm off to read (watch daytime television).


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